Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Win Lindsay Lohan & Meryl Streep!!!

Reminder. Enter this Contest

In regards to the title of this post: I'm not really giving away people -- not quite successful enough for human trafficking. But y'all can win A Prairie Home Companion poster for your bedroom / locker / padded cell. Here's how...

Send an e-mail any time between now and June 16th, 2006 to filmexperience@gmail.com w/ "prairie contest" as subject. The e-mail MUST include:

1. Name
2. Mailing Address (in case you win)
3. A very brief ode (one sentence or two) to ANY of the assembled cast members (love letter, stream of thought, poem, lyric, limerick, haiku --anything goes!)

Two winners will be chosen by random drawing from e-mails containing all three elements. PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to share any #3 element of your e-mails on the blog. The rest of the e-mail content will naturally be kept private.

But back to the movie. Given my extrovert-style affection for certain members of this cast, not to mention the man in the director's chair, you can imagine how breathlessly I await this film. I have not been invited to a pre-screening yet (grrrr -get to it publicists) but A Prairie Home Companion opens on June 9th.

I'm pretending it's opening on June 6th, because I know in her heart of hearts La Lohan really wants to take me out for my birthday dinner at which time I can take her gently by the hands for a 'come to Jesus' meeting with her about her fame and appropriate career models. Hint: Kidman. Ryan. Bullock. Roberts. Witherspoon. SJP. Etc... These are ALL better choices than a Tara Reid/Robert Downey Jr/Britney Spears fusion.

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Glenn Dunks said...

I'd enter but you wouldn't appreciate sending it all the way over here. Especially when I haven't even seen the movie and I don't have enough space on my wall as it is.

Anonymous said...

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