Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ed, Dennis, and Brad

The Top 100 Countdown, the Actors of the Aughts, has resumed. It'll be happening daily now until we finish with numero uno. Where were we? OK... "Pollock" himself, Ed Harris, Angelina's boytoy Brad Pitt, and comeback kid man Dennis Quaid kick this round off...

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Two more will be posted tomorrow. I am too tired to finish this group of five. So you get three.

Must. Sleep. Now.


Glenn Dunks said...

Sorry, but you can count me in with the Pitt naysayers. While I do think he can act for the most part, I don't respond to him at all (except for perhaps Thelma & Louise). He and Tom Cruise run in tandom for me, except Pitt doesn't annoy me as much with his personality. Plus, I've never bought into his sexiest man alive thing. To me he's a tad vanilla in that department. He is pretty though.

Dennis Quaid is very hit and miss with me. I don't have any attachment to the man, but when he's good I like him. Plus, he's kept in damn fine shape, hasn't he?!

Ed Harris? Ditto.

(but what it all comes down to is that there are very few actORS who I have passionate love for, unlike actresses where I love a whole bunch. There's only about 5 or so actors I would say "I love him!" about.

adam k. said...

I would say Pitt is slightly overrated in sexiness and slightly underrated in acting ability... but only slightly for both.

I like Ed Harris a lot. Still not sure how I felt about him in the Hours, though... I remember when I first read the book and heard he was playing Richard, I thought, "he has the oscar in the bag"... but then Chris Cooper happened. Harris is in the Morgan Freeman dept... everyone wants him to win, he just needs the right role in the right film in the right time. It'll happen.

As for Quaid, I can take him or leave him. The only thing I've thought him particularly good in is FFH. And while he's pretty hot, he just doesn't inspire much passion in me... not my type, really. But at least he's not a greedy asshole like his brother.


kamikaze --i hear you no the passion thing. This list isn't as much fun to make as the actress list. and it's a lot more random in numerics since I waiver on a lot of them.

adam k. said...

There are lots of actors who I love, but lust is often intertwined with said love. I feel like the ogling factor closes the passion gap, at least for me.

Anonymous said...

Pitt hasn't given a major performance since Fight Club, in the late 90's. He was terrible in Troy. Adequate in movies like Oceans 11/12, Full Frontal and Mr and Mrs Smith and The Mexican, where he seems to be playing some variation on his real life,mushy mouthed self. A lot of mediocre stuff.

I thought he was solid in Spy Game. But seriously, as much as I dislike Tom Cruise, Cruise has done better work than Pitt this decade so far. Cruises' performances in Collateral and Minority Report trump anything I've seen from Pitt in the past few years. The Last Samurai was hardly an acting masterclass, but again,light years better than Troy.

Babel and Jesse James haven't been released yet, and they'llprobably give me a better opinion of Pitt's output this decade. But simply based on what has been released, he's been coasting on his charm and good looks for awhile. And when he does decide to invest in a performance, he can be inconsistent. He's a solid actor, but not a great one, imho.

Glenn Dunks said...

Agreed with Anon. I do look forward to Babel and Jesse James (although more for the fact that it's directed by Andrew Dominik).

I also agree with Adam with the whole lust thing. I LOVE Hugh Jackman but that's mainly cause of his looks and personality outside of movies rather than the movies themselves.

I just don't get as excited about male performances in general. In my Top 100 Performances of '00s (so far) the top 10 had 8 females and 2 males (Heath Ledger and Christian Bale) and the rest were wonderful ladies. Naturally.

Anonymous said...

I think Brad Pitt is generally less annoying than Tom Cruise, but I do think that Tom Cruise at his best is better than Pitt. When he really tries he can be very good, but when he doesn't try, he is extremely annoying to me. Brad Pitt, when he's coasting, is still gorgeous and charming. I'd much rather watch Brad Pitt in 'Troy' than Tom Cruise in 'The Last Samurai.'

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