Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Movie Star Brawl

Have you voted on the new poll yet? If not, do it. You know you want to. Choose your favorite actor from the list of 27 provided (based on this decade's movies. This is but one of four polls drawn from the Actors of the Aughts countdown so don't freak if your favorite is not listed).

You have the power in the battles raging now...

Paul Giamatti looks to be handily crushing Jim Carrey. Who knew that that rubber faced $20 plus million man would fall so easily to the everyman? Can the comic miraculously come back to trounce the schlub. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile bicep king Eric Bana, who started off strong in the polling has fallen back. Can he fend off both Don Cheadle and Jack Nicholson? Which man will prevail? Can Bana hulk out and leap forward? You decide.

Who is underperforming? A ton of people. But I'm most surprised that Benicio Del Toro and Edward Norton are hanging back tussling. Where's their support? Hugh Jackman and Ben Kingsley are also slipping. Don't let your favorites die a humiliating death in the heated brawl. Vote!

Rally your troops behind your main movie man. The battles will really heat up once the top 50 begins.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Del Toro vs. Norton? Please. I’d take Benicio’s restrained yet smoldering work over the cocky, rather arrogant Edward Norton any day. DEL TORO ALL THE WAY!