Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birthday Boy

You totally won't believe this but I'm kind of an egomaniac. I know... you're probably slackjawed right now, stunned into silence with such a shocking revelation. But snap out of it. The festivities must begin.

My real life friends know that my birthday is a month long affair. It doesn't matter when it begins --just that it isn't some measly 24 hour celebration. So it is with them so shall it be with you, my abstract unseen minions. My birthday lasts for a whole freaking month. So wish me well. And keep doing it.

(Yes that's me from last years celebration, drunk with a "winner" ribbon hanging from my mouth. These things happen.)

Two friends surprised me a few nights back with a great dinner & show. So my birthday has officially begun and will conclude approximately mid June. You can join in too. Buy me things! (For the traditionalists out there my actual birthday is on June 6th but I wanted to give you ample time to choose your gift.)

Or you can donate to keep the film experience running smoothly which is an even better idea. I've added a donate button on the right hand sidebar. There's lots of things I'd like to do with the site but funds are running low. So please consider donating for my birthday to keep me in the Oscar prognosticating and general movie babbling blogging business for more years. If you're going to be a cheapskate or something you can at least send me a nude photo.

This fundraising birthday plea has been brought to you by Nathaniel for and on behalf of Nathaniel. Nathaniel thanks you in advance for your patronage.


Anonymous said...

The Boyfriend also deeply appreciates any and all patronage. Mr. Film Experience has gourmet tastes. Caviar doesn't come cheap these days kids!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Nat, you shouldn't wear GAP. Even when you're drunk.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins....

Will return 2marrow (am in despeare need of sleep) with a bunch of specific questions regarding my cinema friendly, Nathaniel goodie- bag!

Glenn Dunks said...

aah, so many birthdays right now!

(that is all, he says avoiding the real issue of this entry)

adam k. said...

Nathaniel, I will only help you celebrate your birthday if you tell me how old you're going to be. ; ) The jig is up. Inquiring minds wanna know. You're obviously in your mid-30's, having been a fanboy of Star Wars and Dark Phoenix WAAAY back in the late 70's, so we know the ballpark figure... you can't pretend we don't.

Anyway, sorry if that was mean, but the age mystery begins to irk. If you tell, I promise I'll donate to the site : )

p.s. have no fear, if you are anywhere in your 30's, you still look quite youthful for your age, so don't stress, it will only make you look older.

Happy birthday month!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!


boyfriend --you've never fed me caviar!
nick --i know. it must have been laundry day. *cough*
ryan --awww
kamikaze --avoidance will be a problem since my birthday lasts for a WHOLE MONTH.
adam -I am 37. Now give me shit. ;) I'll be in a nursing home before you know it.
david -thank u

StinkyLulu said...

Well, kitten, we be about the same age, but I 'spect you're turning 37. 'Spose we should just start scouting nursing homes with a "Movie/Musical Queen Annex" now.

Anonymous said...

I have been a passive (but zealous) follower of this website for quite some time and its time to pay due to the cinematic genius behind it:

Goodie- bag related questions for Nathaniel:

1. Do you own a copy of Leaving Las Vegas on DVD (Cause it’s going in the bag if you don’t- end of story)

2. Is the Amazon.com list really all you’re craving now… or are there any other specific cinema related items / DVDs your yearning for. (I’m feeling very generous this year so really just bring on the list)

3. I’d like to send my package personally by mail because I have a few pages of thank you related / film inspired fan letters written myself as well as…

…money. Its time I paid my dues to this website. In my package I intend to include a check for a feasible sum written out to Mr. Nathaniel (to be put toward the longevity of this website of course.)

And to any other of Nathaniel’s “minions” who remained passive for why to long (like myself), remember all this cinematic scholar has done for us:

This is the man who’s passion for film and insight goes unprecedented.

The man whose blog comments and picture creations are so witty and utterly sidesplitting at times. (Devils and Angels are among my favs.)

The man who voiced, in the nick of time, the agony of hundreds of gay men and film enthusiasts around the world in the aftermath of Black Sunday. (I’ve shared his piece on the disaster with many people and they have all more or less agreed it’s the most honest raw and profound of any documented reactions.

This is the man who voices the mounting passion of so many film enthusiasts (Around the world) on a daily basis.

Let the celebration begin!

Javier Aldabalde said...

Indeed. All hail Nat! We love you, happy birthday!


i do not own leaving las vegas on DVD, no.

but thank you so much for the kind words. really as far as donations go, anything is fine. I never ask and after 7 years of websiting... i felt maybe i had a right to say "cough it up beyootches!" --besides if everyone who reads sent even $10 I'd have a pretty good size budget for expansions and additions to the site.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, is the sidebar coming back?

adam k. said...

I will send you a $20 donation on your actual 37th birthday (or is it 38th?). Forgive the relative stinginess after making you say your age and all, but I am still a college student and am also relatively broke.

But you know I love you, right? I first discovered the site in 2002 and have been a rabit follower for like well over 3 years, so I figure I owe you some money. I should start donating annually... I'm trying to think of some actual physical things I have that you might want so that I don't have to part with any more cash.

btw, does anyone know or care that my acting teacher is the mother of Trey on the OC aka Logan Marshall-Green? I don't, but some do.

also, random, but I am still fuming that Julia Roberts beat Meryl Streep to the comedy/musical globe for 1990. Streep gave a great comedic AND musical performance and lost to fucking Pretty Woman in the year was supposed to have won that award. Now she may never win one. Julia Roberts is a big bitch. Also, there are vids of Meryl singing in Postcards on you tube... they're lovely.

Happy birthday, Nathaniel!


if the sidebar is not there you are probably looking at an individual page.... to get to the full blog you click the "film experience' title up at the very top of the page.

Pedro said...

Feliz Cumplea├▒os!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Thanks. For what it's worth, the sidebar ends up underneath everything else in the browser I'm using, so it was probably there the first time and I didn't scroll down.

Jason Adams said...

Whoopsie, how'd I miss this post - Happy (un)birthday!

You'll get a real Bday greeting on the 6th, you month-hoarding rapscallion.

Emma said...

Happy birthday! If I had money, I'd pay!


that's evil. as a little kid i used to cry when someone used to call me 'damien' because of my b-day

Anonymous said...

As a devoted fan of your blog, I thank you for the work you do and Happy Birthday wishes from me to you...

Anonymous said...

"as a little kid i used to cry when someone used to call me 'damien' because of my b-day"

Kids can be so mean.

What if you'd been born 2 years earlier?

Enjoy your birthday month celebration.

I love you!