Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Could Never Be Your YouTube

What you're looking at here is a preview clip / brief interview with Paul Rudd about macking on LaPfeiffer in the new film I Could Never Be Your Woman

This clip is a little romcom cutesy for my taste but I love Rudd's "YES" response to Michelle Pfeiffer's 'Mrs. Robinson' quoting. As I've written before buzz seems to be fairly positive about this but Amy Heckerling has made both very good (Clueless) and very bad (Loser) romcoms in the past so I'll withhold judgement for now. The cast is good. If the screenplay is clever this could be something. If it's not... at least we'll get to look at Rudd's cute mug and savor the Pfeifferian goodness.

Bad news though: the film's release has been pushed into the fall from its earlier July debut. Pfeiffer's comeback you'll have to wait even. longer. for. If you're holding your breath, dont. Curse that MGM/UA team... *sigh* I hope they know what they're doing but the past few years don't give me much faith in their distribution/marketing efforts.

(Thanks to readers David and George for the heads up.)

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Nick M. said...

Thanks for reminding me that I despise Joel Siegel.

Anonymous said...

lol, siegel isn't the best reviewer out there, but he's not horrible. (not as horrible as shalit at least)

i'm a sucker for romcoms, really. the good ones, i mean, not the failure to launch and she's the man kind but... the kind of, "family stone" and "as good as it gets" films.

clueless itself i deem as being one of the funniest and sweetest romantic comedies i've ever seen. never saw "loser" but heard that it was nothing special, unfortunately... i think mena suvari has a lot of potential but just needs to find the right project.

this just looks, wonderful. and sweet. and reinforces yet again my love for paul rudd.