Sunday, May 07, 2006

Illustration is Phat

I joined this Illustration Friday group a couple of months ago but I've been shy about starting. Each week they send you a theme and you illustrate it for your blog during the week. My idea was that I would goof around with an illustrated title banner instead of using photos. Illustrations, even bad ones, require a little something of yourself. And you know me, I'm a giver.

Naturally, any illustration I do will be movie-themed. As soon as I heard the topic "fat" I had no choice but to play matchmaker between these two favorite baddies.

"Mr. Hutt gets more than he bargained for with his new slave girl purchase"
©Nathaniel R, 2006 (pen and ink)

I used to do all sorts of drawing from the time I was a little kid obsessing on the X-Men (Nightcrawler and Storm were my preferred subjects). A few months ago I dug up my art supplies and starting attending a life-drawing class which has been a good experience. I'm rusty but it's fun.

Here are three 'IF' entries I love this week:
Jeff Szuc "What says 'fat' better than Britney Spears?"
Frank Hilzerman "Triple Sushi"
Reitje en Jeroen a ballerina

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RC said...

That's really cool...i like your illustration a lot...great job.

--RC of

Anonymous said...

Wow. Color me impressed with (and envious as hell about) your artistic mojo.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I am envious of your drawing abilities. It's a little creppy, though...

Good job!

Yaseen Ali said...

Nathaniel, that's incredible! I had no idea you were so gifted in this regard. I absolutely love Ursula, you've done full justice to her. But we shall not speak of her twin sister Morgana, who appeared in the ghastly DTV sequel.

Team Ursula all the way.

David Fernández Huerta said...

Hi! I've found your blog via Illustration Friday. This week is first for me too, and I sent a Jabbaish sea-monster, so when I saw the REAL Jabba the Hutt around, I thought I shall salute the author.

Great job!

David Fernández Huerta said...

Er.. Sorry for the bad English. I´t's 6 in the morning here and.. well.. tried to did my best


Anonymous said...

OO, fantastic work! You're quite the artist. I love when bloggers reveal hidden talents!

Glenn Dunks said...

Two things I wish I could do. Play any musical intrument and draw. I'm hopeless at both.

But you are a great drawer. I love that style.

I remember you started a comic type thing about how you got obsessed with movies or something. I remember you sitting in the cinema watching... ET? Yeah, I think it was ET

adam k. said...

Yeah, I remember Nathaniel being an illustration major, actually. ; )

Sweet illustration. Ursula really is choice.

russtifer said...

I love it, Nathaniel. Well done.

steve said...

Sweet--more Jabba action. This is my fave yet! Great work!

Andrea said...

Nicely done! Those two together are terrifying!