Saturday, May 06, 2006

Week in Review

What a week it's been. I'm still coming down from the contact high of that Michelle Pfeiffer Blog-a-Thon in April but for those five people who wonder what all the fuss is about and maybe laid low, it's over. I hope you're reading again. [but seriously. what's wrong w/ you?] I'm also still working on projects that don't have much to do with this blog but may affect my life muchly ...we shall see. To put it another way: busy.

Highlights from the Week
May arrived. I haven't figured out how to celebrate these yet.
Baby Names. Obsessing on them. No, I'm not pregnant.
Missions: Impossible a 'history' starring --god, what is his name?
Top 100 Actors continued and the readers choice war is still raging.
Oh... I also started dating Madonna's backup dancer, got caught reading civil war novels, shot my web all over Spider-Man, and was found paying homage to the Queens of England, France,

My favorite moment of the week
Annette Bening, Guest Blogging!!! in my little playground! She is a star and boy could she read them, too. Speaking of iPod doesn't need bifocals.

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