Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blogosphere Multiplex: Thomas & Co.

Welcome to the Blogosphere Multiplex! Once a week I'll be nabbing a random blogger to grill with ten questions about their own film experience. These aren't necessarily film bloggers, just bloggers of note from around the sphere. First up, Thomas from Thomas & Co..

Thomas and I recently exchanged links. Like JLo some years back he's 'on the six' --i.e. he's a green liner here in Manhattan. I'm on the red across town. But never mind our geographical differences. Thomas & Co is a two time nominee for "best personal gay blog" -- I'm turning all shades of green as we speak. Not for my abandoned subway line but for the honors. How come I don't get nominated for anything? Anyway enough about me. Thomas first won me over praying for the death of Brandon Davis and invariably I dig gays with fierce politics.

10 Questions with Thomas

Nathaniel: How often do you go to the movies?

Thomas: As much as I love movies, hardly ever. I just can't help but think of all the dirty butts and greasy heads that have sat in those seats, not to mention the sticky floors. It's almost as bad as an adult movie theatre, but not sexy. I usually only go to art house screenings and openings of films friends have made. Otherwise, no f**king way. However, I will put my mouth around a strangers pole and blow. Double standard, no? That's America for you.

Nathaniel: A suggestion for a new name: "TMI & Co" -- kidding. OK name dropper, what's the best film you've seen recently that involved a friend?

Thomas: Well, "best" film, would have to be "Million $$$ Baby." My pal Margot played the mom. However, my favorite films to watch are the ones in which my BFF, Octavia, appear. We went to school together in middle, high, and univ. The last one I saw was "Beauty Shop." She always pops up in little comedic roles. I f**king die everytime she shows up on screen. One time, watching "Being John Malkovich," she made a cameo and I screamed and threw my popcorn in the air and then got in a bitch slap fight with a local critic sitting behind me. Then there are, of course, all of mis primos and their fabu work in the Latino Fan Club films. Muuuuahhh, chicos!

Nathaniel: I screamed and threw popcorn in the air during Malkovich too --or at least I did in my head. L-O-V-E that movie. Since we've just met you probably don't know about my aversion to Hilary Swank with whom your pal Margot has performed twice. But I forgive her. She's also worked with Nicole Kidman four times so that more than makes up for the guilt by Swank association I think. But I digress... How about actors you don't know. Favorites?

Thomas: Now, I don't know about your aversion to Swank, but w/o knowing, I kinda get it. I think there is something really vulgar about her. I don't know what it is, but I also get the feeling she is a voracious carnivore in regards to her career and life.

Hmmm. Favorite movie, or favorite actor? Well, I'll answer both. Movie: Ma Vie En Rose. It just brings me joy in a way no other film has, and then there is ANYTHING Almodovar. He could film himself pooping and I would love it. Actor: I'm such a huge Meryl fan (any "Cry in the Dark" fans out there?).

Nathaniel: You'll find many Meryl fans at the Film Experience. As for Almodovar, which is your favorite? I know it's difficult to choose but try.

Thomas: Okay, Okay. I feel like I'm not being faithful to my blind devotion to Pedro, but okay, damnit. I'll choose one just cuz you're making me. "Dark Habits," "Kika" (cuz she introduces herself whilst being raped - brilliant!) and "Bad Education" (pure Gael Garcia Bernal gratuity). That was one, right?

Oh shite, I spilled my vodka stinger! *hiccup* ps - to all you other Almodovar films, Papa loves you all, sweeties.

Nathaniel: (Mmmmm gratuitous Gael) What do you make of the blogosphere's total hysteria re: Jake Gyllenhaal?

Thomas: Yaaaaaawn.

Nathaniel: What heresy is this? OK, moving on from Jakey-poo.... Multiple choice: California Mountain Snake? Sidewinder? Cottonmouth? Copperhead? or Black Mamba?

Thomas: OMG!!! Snakes scare me! I don't like things piercing my skin, like needles, and that is the only way in which a snake injects it's venom - it's dirty, needle-like fangs!!! Is this a lead in question to Snakes on a Plane? If the choice is which to go up against: I think I'd choose the cottonmouth, since I grew up with it and have seen them before. They're not too agressive, I recall. If the choice is which to eat: fried sidewinder. Mmm-mmm good. If the choice is which to kill by cutting off its head: all of them.

Nathaniel: I think Cottonmouth is the only one you kill by decapitation. At least that's the way Black Mamba plays it. I know this isn't the season for the question but the gays dream of Halloween well in advance. Ever been a movie character on the queerest of holidays?

Thomas: No. However, I have been lots of characters under the sheets.

Nathaniel: I'm scared to ask for an example. So I won't. What's the movie you're most looking forward to this year?

Thomas: Volver, of course.

Nathaniel: I'm more than ready for it, too. Which movie do you most often find yourself quoting?

Thomas: Waiting for Guffman

Nathaniel: "Corkyyyyyy!"

OK, now. Last question! They make a movie of your life. Who should play you? What's the title? What's the rating?

Thomas: Molly Ringwald. "Pretty in Pink." PG. Oh, fudge! It's been done. Then, Jack Black. "Are you there God? It's me Margaret - The Musical Movie." NR

Nathaniel: Hee. My hearty thank you to Thomas & Co for participation in this first edition of the "blogosphere multiplex" interviews. Next week you'll be hearing from... Ah, you'll just have to wait to find out. If there's any hot blogger you'd love to see interviewed, let me know. Your suggestions for victims interviewees are welcome.


Glenn Dunks said...

ooh, that was great! Great idea there.

He loves Pedro so he's a legend by default.

StinkyLulu said...

Excellent. Just excellent.
Try for the fug girls.

StinkyLulu said...

OH. And definitely ultranow.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I'm so excited that he knows Octavia Spencer. I've always loved her, especially since she helped Craig get to the 7½ Floor... and I always notice her in random movies (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!, Breakin' All the Rules, Never Been Kissed), even though, as Thomas says, it's always a little bit part. But she's really good at them!

Great interview, N, and fantastic new idea.

Anonymous said...

Josh Timmermann would be a great victim.

cal roth

Anonymous said...

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