Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Link Link, Nudge Nudge"

Glitter for Brains on the military's proposed "gay bomb"
Lady Bunny on Interview Magazine... and I'm linking to it because I noticed it on a magazine rack the other day and I too wondered what happened to this magazine (?) --It was the coolest thing decades ago.
Mainly Movies is looking at the work of Steven Soderbergh
Movies Filter on Edward Norton's cinematic knowledge.
popbytes reveals KateKatie Holmes fashion faux pas. Now, where is Serial Mom when we need her? Surely this is an unforgivable crime!
Stale Popcorn. It's never too late for top ten lists from last year.
StinkyLu musta read my mind re: religiosity of United 93 raves.
we, like sheep on "masculinity" issues within the gay community.

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Glenn Dunks said...

Just thought I'd mention that I'm glad you liked Inside Man. I, too, gave it a B+

for my really quite long and rambling review.

(thnx for linkage)