Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Teensy Obsession

OK. So. There was a time when Madonna fans spread their love around. They also obsessed on Nikki, Donna, Melissa, Christopher, Slam, Oliver, Mama Makeup, etc... in other words: Anyone in Mo's entourage was known to fans by their first name (or any moniker they went by in the great Truth or Dare--basically the best rock movie. evah!) I'm not sure if this is still the case and I'm just out of the Madge loop but once Nikki and Donna (her enduring backup singers/dancers) left, it seems to me like the ever-changing entourage became nameless.

I have this thing for one of her current Confessions dancers and I should probably know his name since he's my new imaginary boyfriend. He's been in the past two videos. In Hung Up he works in a kitchen and then leads a dance therein and in Sorry he rollerskates and dances in formation with Madonna and she also sits next to him as she closes the van door ending the video. Anybody (and by anybody I mean obsessive Madonna fans) know his name?


Glenn Dunks said...

omg, I'm in love with him too! For some reason, that dance scene in the fish shop made him look really good.


Anonymous said...

name is daniel campos , aka cloud.

Ramification said...

Nathaniel have you seen Madonna's documentary 'I'm Going To Tell You A Secret' which follows her during the Reinvention tour, I think Cloud is there as well. My favorite in the Sorry video is the tattooed mustached guy she makes dance for her inside the car. HOT

Anonymous said...

ok he's VERY nice indeed. but I wanna know who thr OTHER back up dancer is. the one with the red jacket and black pants, the hispanic one. any one can help me with his Name?