Monday, May 22, 2006

IMDB (International) Surprise

I just need to take a moment here to give a shout out to that online movie bible the IMDB. I have my issues with them --the year they reference after the movie title is the big one-- but most of the time I'm just grateful they exist.

Whoever is doing their little flipchart birthday thing to their right hand side is really making me proud lately. It used to be that they would only display someone currently famous along with dead legends. Even if the currently famous weren't particular moviefamous at the expense of far greater people that they could visually reference. Lately I've noticed they've stopped ignoring foreign stars. This is a very good thing. Nikolaj Lie Kaas, pictured to your left, is up there today and that puts a smile on my face. He made my Top 100 Countdown if you'll recall and anyone who doesn't know who he is ought to rent themselves Lars Von Trier's The Idiots or last year's Brothers, immediately. Takk skal du ha IMDB. (That's Norwegian not Danish but I don't know any Dansk, sorry.)

For Scandinavian readers. Please click here than answer me this What are Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj and all these other Danish stars recording? Are they singing? Am i correct in guessing it's a tsunami relief song? Is it any good? And if so how do I hear this? I'm filled with questions.

And a comment starter for international readers: please feel free to name a favorite actor/actress from your home country in the comments --someone you feel deserves a more international spotlight. Who knows...maybe you'll help another reader to discover them.

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Javier Aldabalde said...

"I have my issues with them --the year they reference after the movie title is the big one-- "

But why? They only have serious issues with this with low-key foreign films (and with movies in development).


i find it tends to confuse people when it comes to trusting me on Oscar issues ;) --no seriously. Or 'history of's For example LEGEND, under my Tom Cruise history is most definitely a 1986 film. But they have it as 1985. It did not arrive in theaters until spring 1986.

and this happens a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap!!! For a minute there, I couln't figure out why Nathaniel had a picture of Jamie Kennedy on his blog.


adam k. said...

I have issues with the fact that they still have Flora Flum and Savage Grace as 2006 releases. Show me the money, IMDB. Or else stop being a tease.

John M said...

I thought it was Jamie Kennedy too! Ha.

Who is the guy next to Mads? I've seen him before, but I can't place where.

Anonymous said...

From France :

Clement Sibony
Sandrine Kiberlain (also a singer now...check


john --that's who i was talking about Nikolaj Lie Kaas.

Anonymous said...

Even though she's not totally unknown in the States due to her time hanging out on Charlie Sheen's balcony, I've got to give a mention to my countrywoman Melanie Lynskey. She rules, but she needs more to do. PLEASE, Hollywood, give her something to do in movies aside from being That Girl--That Girl Who Is Jealous Of Hayden Christensen, That Girl Who Is Piper Perabo's Best Friend Back In Jersey, whatever. Please.

Who knows...maybe her part in Flags Of Our Fathers will have a little meat to it.

Anonymous said...

The dates the IMDB uses are for the first screening of any given movie, even if that first screening was at some obscure film festival a year before it was released anywhere else.
I actually agree with the way they chose their dates. The same movie does not always have the same release date - not even the same release year - in every country. And some movies only have a limited release at the end of one year and the wide release at the beginning of the next year. No matter how IMDB chose which year to use for a given movie, it could cause confusion. So I agree with their simply choosing the very earliest date, this makes sense to me.
And they have more detailed release date information, for anyone wanting to clear up any confusions.


true. it's a good point you have.

I just wish people didn't trust it ABOVE sites like mine when it came to Oscar eligibility and career stories and such. Because, especially with foreign films or films with troubled production histories the date can sometimes be off by more than a year or two.

RC said...

i too have experienced the same annoyance over IMDB's dates...

i always click the side for release dates...

i like to go by US wide release dates for "officialness" especially w/ academy award stuff.

--RC of

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, I think the Year issue should be when the film had it's first theatrical release in ANY country, but exclude film festivals.

Because I do get confused sometimes with their dates. Especially with older/smaller titles.

It's silly to see Crash seen as a 2004 title and have it win the 2006 Oscars.

Aussie stars that should become worldwide mainstays - Kerry Armstrong (my blog readers would know all about her) and Claudia Karvan (One of the five most beautiful talented women working right now) should be on everyone's lips. When one of them makes a project the world should take notice. ...but that's just me. I heart Kerry and Claudia.

(i also thought the image was of Jamie Kennedy at first)

Anonymous said...

Favourite Canadian male star? Probably Bruce Greenwood. Don McKellar is an awesome writer/director, but Greenwood's performance in Exotica remains a thing a beauty for me. Daniel MacIvor too.

Female? Easily the triumvirate of Sandra Oh (check out Double Happiness and Last Night), Molly Parker (Kissed) and Sarah Polley (pretty much anything, though her performance in The Sweet Hereafter is stunning).

Anonymous said...

Another great Nikolaj Lie Kaas performance is in the film 'Restoration' - a bit confusing, the same actress plays two parts, but very stylish. Out on DVD in the UK - as for the USA, I don't know!
In the UK, most great actors already have international recognition. A new wave will probably make an impact in the next year or so - Natalie Press (already seen in 'My Summer Of Love'), Jamie Winstone (Ray Winstone's daughter, seen in 'Kidulthood') and Ben Whishaw (already seen in 'Layer Cake').