Thursday, January 12, 2006

ASC Nominations

The American Society of Cinematographers chose these 5 films as the best shot:

All five are certainly beautiful but one has to ask, as Modern Fabulousity does, where THE NEW WORLD (Lubeski) is? Other noticeable snubs that are still probably hoping for longshot Oscar nominations? THE CONSTANT GARDENER (Charlone), 2046 (Doyle and others), and JARHEAD (Oscar mainstay Deakins). Oscar hopefuls in this category that can probably now give up the ghost? PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Osin), CAPOTE (Kimmel), MUNICH (Kaminksi) and a host of others...


Glenn Dunks said...

It's been a pretty year, hasn't it?

Quite surprised to see Batman Begins there. Of all the guilds I thought cinematography was the furthest from happening.

Is Cesar Charlone even an ASC member? There was word that Fernando Meirelles wasn't a DGA member, same goes for the film's editor. David Cronenberg also isn't a DGA member apparently. But I have no idea on the validity of that.

BTW, I suggest you check out my blog and read an open-ed letter by Adam Elliot that I got from the newspaper today about Brokeback and how he is still contemplating what to vote for. Plus, I have new (occasionally bonkers) predix.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Sorry but the "Batman" and "Geisha" noms over stuff like "Gardener", "New World" and "2046" seem like big fat jokes to me. AMPAS is ALWAYS more demanding, though, so keep your fingers crossed.

(This is my usually my favorite Oscar category).

Anonymous said...

Is Doyle even eligible? I know guilds have more strict eligibility requirements in general (see Memento and In the Bedroom being ineligible for screenplays a few years back).

The New World is suffering, imo, from Malick's decision to remove it from theaters and recut it, as if it was unfinished in the first place.

I thought Batman Begins was actually shot quite well - fluid work.



i totally believe that too about TNWs re-edit. I was tempted to leave it off my list too (i don't really cotton well to reviewing or awarding "unfinished" pieces) but in the end I just liked it too much to ignore it.


Glenn Dunks said...

Javier, funny you should say that because apart from Best Actress, Cinematography is year-in-year-out my favourite category. I respond so much to visuals and cinematography is the most perfect form of that for me.

I even researched it as a profession, but gave up on that. lol.

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