Sunday, January 29, 2006

SAG Live Blogging. The Show Part 1

In their quick cut intro, Sandra Oh looks cute. Dillon flirts with Sedgwick (?), Keener and Phoenix are both working the messy hair --they wear it well.
Randy Quaid is an actor. He's also apparently very cloyingly sentimental. S Epatha Merkerson is cool. James Denton is an actor. He's handsome in that generic way. But his "I'm on the radio" voice scares me. Anne Hathaway --never mind I HATE PATRICIA HEATON. I just always need to make that clear. Nobody who disses the Pfeiffer deserves space on your TV screen. Thandie Newton is beautiful.
Sandra Bullock is angry all the time and she doesn't know why. The Boyfriend hates "Crash" and keeps reminding the room. My friend Mina says "this show is self-serving and over-dramatized." Does he mean Crash or the SAG Awards? I didn't think to ask.
CLIPS! All awards shows need more clips. Sandra Oh. Everyone in this room clearly loves Sandra Oh. There was screaming. And we l-o-v-e this black & white dress.
Keifer Sutherlandjust won the TV Actor award. The polka dot tie is cute. You know, it's confession time. I really really (I mean really and truly) loved The Lost Boys back in the 80s. Remember that vampire movie. I have a thing for vampires. And I had a crush on Keifer Sutherland at the time. I actually sat through those Young Gun bratpack movies...
hey, we all make mistakes.
Hustle & Flow intro. Terrence is just amazing. I hope he gets the Oscar nomination Tuesday. This movie is so endearing. Now there's some technical difficulties on the show. I know about that too.
Outstanding Performance By an Ensemble in a Drama Series. WOW. I forget how quick they get through these things at the SAGs. I don't watch a lot of TV so I haven't seen many of these shows more than once or twice. But I like that they get rid of the TV personalities early on so I can dream about my movie stars. I miss Six Feet Under. That's the only one of these I have seen regularly. Lost wins. I like the idea of genre shows getting respect finally. But I saw the first few episodes of this and just wasn't blown away. The guy who is representing Lost is wearing flip-flops or something with his suit. No joke. That's just... but anyway he looks really good otherwise. Shaved heads. Yum.
SUPPORTING ACTRESS. contest hopefuls. you know if you guessed the colors right now on these dresses. Who will it be i'm so excited....pins and needles. Rachel Weisz wins again. I guess this is not as big of a contest as we all thought. She looks very good tonight. "Darren Aronofsky I don't know what to call you --my everything" ohhhh. I am embarrassed but I had someone not known or forgotten that they were together. I want The Fountain to be great. I mean stupendously great. I assume you all do too.
They're talking to voiceover actors. I do find it a little odd that this is rarely an awards category. So many actors make their living in this way.
Now they're back to TV. That Supporting Actress Movie prize was just a little snack for us. We have to wait for the rest. I think Patricia Arquette looks cute in that marcel wave.
Felicity Huffman just won Best Actress. I know people think I hate her. The truth is I do not. I just don't want her to win for Transamerica. I think she's excellent on Desperate Housewives. So, it's all good. Congrats, Felicity.

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Pedro said...

Sandra Oh gave a very good speech. Geena Davis is looking a little overweight.

Pedro said...

I thought they looked cute. At least Barbara looked (and behaved) good.

Anonymous said...

Just rent Season 1 of Lost on DVD, by the end of the 2nd disc I guarantee you won't be able to stop. By the time you hit episode 6 (5 if you count the pilot as one) you will be lost to Lost.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you catch up soon enough you can catch the Darren Aronofsky directed episode of Lost coming towards the end of this season.

Rex said...
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Rex said...

Having lost supporting actress, if brokeback does not win supp actor, actor and ensemble (is shut out) will pundits say the buzz is ebbing away for a March 6th victory since actors make up most of Ampas?

Anonymous said...

oh i'm really gutted about Weisz's win - Michelle Williams truly was outstanding. When else is she gonna get a shot at Oscar? They should give it to her this year - Weisz is always average at best, with this year being a bit of a fluke.

First Scarlett gets bumped from the probable nominations for this category (her Match Point turn is searing), now Michelle is losing her one-to-beat position. Suddenly Supporting Actress isn't as exciting as I thought it would be this year...

Pedro said...

Felicity can kiss her win for actress in a motion picture goodbye. Reese is the winner

Pedro said...


I think Brokeback is going to win ensemble.

Anonymous said...

Boo Desperate Housewives! Everyone knows Arrested Development is the best ensemble out there.

Nick M. said...

Arrested Development getting snubbed once again is just horrendous.

I like Rachel Weisz, but I am slightly irked by her win. I wanted to see the awards spread out -- and have the Oscar be a toss-up. It looks like Weisz has it in the bag, though (but I'm still skeptical because the Oscars always like to throw one acting trophy at an actor in the Best Picture winner).

Rex said...


Ensemble has got to go to Crash - BBM is going home SAG-less
David poland will be so glad. At least he only has one day to gloat!

Glenn Dunks said...

Well, BBM did indeed go home empty. But, I have faith that someone (most likely Michelle) will get an Oscar statue.

Geena Davis looked atrocious, sorry.

Sandra Oh for Prez!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who fell in love with Anne Hathaway's "i am an actor" bit. That was GOLD. fiddle dee dee, I'm an actor.

Award show clips are my essense for being. Well done for choosing different clips than the Globes.

Anonymous said...

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