Monday, January 23, 2006

Quit You? Never

Random Perusables
Time Magazine's How The West Was Won Over. Great read on the phenom that is Brokeback Mountain. So pleased it's doing so well.

CBS News on fallout from George Clooney's Jack Abramoff joke at the Globes. I'm sorry Jack's young daughter is in tears. But come on now. Let's not blame the movie star for her frayed nerves. How about the dude himself. If my Dad was a corrupting influence on our already corrupt political climate, a racist, a criminal, and a future inmate... I'd be crying too.

GLAAD Media Awards nominees announced. There's also a funny bit on this over at Good As You too.
Quick info on three categories that interested me...

Brokeback Mountain (Focus Features)
Capote (Sony Pictures Classics)
The Family Stone (20th Century Fox)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Warner Bros.)
Rent (Sony Pictures)

Beautiful Boxer (Regent Releasing/here! Films)
Mysterious Skin (TLA Releasing)
Saving Face (Sony Pictures Classics)
Transamerica (The Weinstein Company)
Walk On Water (Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Antony and the Johnsons, I Am a Bird Now (Yeah!!! Buy this. So good)
Melissa Etheridge, Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled
Girlyman, Little Star
Sharon Isbin, Rodrigo, Villa-Lobos, Ponce: Guitar Concertos
Amy Ray, Prom


Nick M. said...

"Antony and the Johnsons, I Am a Bird Now"

Fantastic choice!

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, definitely a great album! Still can't get enough of "You Are My Sister", "Bird Gurhl" and "Hope There's Someone". Moving on.

So glaad (omgsofunny) to see Mysterious Skin in there for Picture.

However, didn't there used to be acting categories? I seem to remember this because Colin Farrell got nominated twice last year for Alexander and Home and the End of the World. Or am I thinking of a different GLAAD award ceremony?

Gilidor said...

Love Antony!!

Fistfull of love might be my favorite song of the last year.

Anonymous said...

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