Sunday, January 29, 2006

SAG Live Blogging. Arrivals Part 1

It's 3:49 in LA and the C-Listers TV stars are clogging the red-carpet. Oh, wait there are movie stars already! Yay. I timed this so perfectly. E! actually started showing the arrivals nearly an hour ago but the first hour is usually just the barely famous. Wow. So early for movie stars. I just turned this on and I already get a nice cuddly dose of Jake Gyllenhaal. Casting of Brokeback Mountain was "ephemeral." Hmmmmm. I'm not sure what that means. Well, I mean I know what ephemeral means. But in terms of casting the film... explain please
OK. Don't talk to each other stupid hosts! Talk to the stars. (If they aren't available talk to the TV personalities.)
Here we go, George Clooney. So I guess Ryan Seacrest's corny humor is absorbed by all those around him. George is making jokes about gay cowboy movies and Truman Capote. Har-dee-har-har.
Anne Hathaway is 'chatty Kathy' today. But they've shoved her into a little wee circle in the corner so I can ogle the other stars. Jake is being cute to the fans, signing autographs. So. Cuddly. Just. Want. To. Squeeze. Him.
The boyfriend and assorted friends are already asking if all stylists are on vacation in Hollywood this week.
Rachel Weisz is here. She is wearing like a midnight blue. Pretty. Much improved from the Globes.
Felicity Huffman is talking about her "soft package" she bought to wear in Transamerica. You know. I highly doubt that Felicity took her TV star ass down to Babes in Toyland to buy it herself. Not sure about that color on her but I like the hair.
Moving on to Terrence Howard. Looking fine again. He calls his becoming-a-superstar year "grueling." I bet.