Wednesday, January 18, 2006


My Favorite Poster Designs of 2005

But which five will have a chance at FB Medals? See the nominees here.
And what poster really sold you on a movie this year?


Anonymous said...

i know.. i'm ridiculous.

adam k. said...

I am a big fan of the simple romance of the Brokeback Mountain poster. Surprised it didn't even get a mention from you.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm no one, but I think that 'Lord Of War' has been getting rather short shrift from people who haven't even seen it. I know that nowadays a film with Nicolas Cage in it is cineaste kryptonie from the get-go, but that wasn't always the case. If nothing else, I think it could easily make the cut for the FilmBitch Best Opening Sequence category.

awardsheaven said...


Love the choices. I am (as usual) doing the same thing - trying to compile my top 5 choices for my own 12th Annual cadet Awards. I have decided on The Constant Gardener, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, The Family Stone, Transamerica and Walk the Line.

Anonymous said...

The 'Paradise Now' poster was a thing of beauty.

Glenn Dunks said...

I was always confused by the Lord of War poster. It always looked like he was being eaten by bugs. And then I saw the actual poster in full size and it made sense.

My fave posters of the year

Brokeback Mountain - Jake right there, Heath turning away.
House of Wax - The horror genre is usually the best place to find singularly brilliant designs. This one is exactly that. An unknown woman melting away on the page.
Mr & Mrs Smith - One word - HOT
Look At Me - The movie is about writers, so the poster has the actors name on the spine of books in a row. Fun and new.
Wolf Creek - Scary. Eerie. Iconic imagery. The image of Kestie Morassi lying on an isolated road soaked in blood is one for the Australian film archives.

Anonymous said...

Where's Brokeback?!! It's basically already an iconic poster.

And Mr. and Mrs. Smith deserves a mention for Angelina alone. A spectacular woman she is.

Glenn Dunks said...

BTW, you haven't seen the Mr & Mrs Smith poster until you've seen it 20 stories high hanging from a skyscraper like I did. That was a massive poster and it definily got everyone's attention.