Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday CatBlogging: Movies Bore Him

One of my favorite scenes of any movie is the one in Go (1999) wherein one character takes some trippy drug or another and then speaks to a housecat who claims [in subtitles] to be 3000 years old. The feline ends a sudden impromptu bio with the casually ominous pronouncement "you're going to die." The scene is especially hilarious and classic for cat lovers because a) nine lives and b) it's easy to imagine nonchalant death threats from our moody furballs.

Today in a fit of Oscar looneyness I set up an elaborate system whereby I could photograph Monty (my cat) predicting the Oscars for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps still harboring past-life resentment issues involving his namesake (Montgomery Clift) who never won an Oscar, my cat showed approximately zero interest. He merely yawned and turned his back on my plea for his predictive prowess. Then he holed himself up for a very long nap in his fort of pillows on the couch. Later he could be seen playing in a plastic bag.

Plastic bag. Far more interesting than the Oscars.


Glenn Dunks said...


And that scene in Go! is indeed hilarious! But I consider pretty much 95% of that movie equally hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the charm of furballs. I have three and they will spend the entire day in a coma, rousing up only for the odd nonchalant mooch to the food bowl. However, let just the thought of taking a picture of them even cross my mind and they will all vanish for hours looking hugely insulted. They do watch films though - all three lined up to watch the opening of Big Fish the other day. Odd.

russtifer said...

Haha, I had nearly forgotten that scene from Go. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

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