Sunday, January 29, 2006

SAG Live Blogging. The Show. Conclusion

The wrap up and my concluding notes.

Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington are presenting something or other. Why isn't Kerry Washington a bigger star? I need to know this right now. How impossibly pretty is she? Looks great in white. Oh no wait. how bizarre. that was from last year's show. I have no memory.
I love David Strathairn. Such a fine actor. I fear he may be snubbed on Tuesday.
And another possible snubbee on Tuesday Amy Adams. So happy for her about this awards season. Junebug is now out on DVD so y'all really owe it to yourself to rent it. I gave it a mixed positive review originally but the movie has improved in memory --always a great sign. Rent it.
S Epatha wins again for Lackawanna Blues. I miss having HBO. Thanks her divorce lawyer. Too too funny. The actors in the room ate that up.
Paul Newman wins for Empire Falls. So the Globes have been very predictive of tonights winners (Giamatti being the exception).
Jake and Heath together. YAY. but what is with this intro? I saw Heath on Jay Leno and he was also very twitchy and uncomfortable. Heath's hair is also sitting rather uncomfortably on his head.
BEST ACTRESS. Go Reese! "Ohmygod, y'all!" A little girl from Tennessee. Much improved on her Golden Globe speech. Good job. Next stop: OSCAR!
Oh why you gotta follow Reese with Hilary? Why you gotta stop my buzz short. oh cuz it's BEST ACTOR. Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins. So locked up for Oscar. sigh my poor Heath. So deserving but PSH is a steamroller. Oscar just can't resist the biopic performances. But anyway good speech from PSH.
They're showing a commercial for Firewall. Remember when Harrison Ford was a great movie star? What is going on there?
Even Morgan Freeman is wearing purple. Now, I love purple. My favorite color. But this is out of control. The Boyfriend has demanded a ban of purple at the Oscars. Freeman is announcing Best Ensemble. The winner is Crash. blah.
So Brokeback got shut out of the SAGs. That's too bad.

overall meaning of tonights awards?
REESE & PHILLIP just won their Oscars.
BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN will still win the Oscar --although several journalists will try to convince you it won't.
CRASH will probably win best screenplay
CLOONEY vs. GIAMATTI for supp. actor. (Giamatti has the edge unless they don't want George to go home empty handed)
WEISZ vs. WILLIAMS for supp. actress


Nick M. said...

Overacting of the year? Angela Bassett presenting that award.

John T said...

Angela Bassett could so kick my ass. S. Epatha Merkerson thanking her divorce lawyer-best awards show moment since Adrien Brody made out with Halle Berry.

Anonymous said...

It's telling that the clip they showed for Zhang Ziyi was one where she doesn't talk. Teehee.

Anonymous said...


John T said...

Any chance David Straitharn could pull an Adrien Brody in Best Actor at the Oscars (I'm cheering for Heath, but would take either). Gotta love Reese-ick on PSH.


i know this will be so rude to BBM if it doesn't win now.

Anonymous said...

Poor Heath! Let's hope BBM wins the Ensemble award!!!

Pedro said...

I didn't like Heath in the intro to Brokeback Mountain. What was the matter with him? Too twitchy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for BBM? What the crap?! What does this mean???

Nick M. said...



it means very little i would guess. Crash was always the leader for ensemble here.

hoffman was always the leader for best actor.

the only crushing thing was no Michelle Williams.

Yaseen Ali said...

I'm praying that PSH peaks by the time Oscar night comes around, leaving the door open for Ledger to "upset". He deserves it dammit!

Anonymous said...

this means Tom O'Neil and David Poland will start ranting tomorrow about how BBM will lose the Oscar


Anonymous said...

Nothing, it means that Michelle Williams was (and still probably is) the only person in that movie with a chance of winning an acting award and as an ensemble piece Brokeback Mountain wasn't the best. Despite Crash's flaws as a movie, its ensemble of actors united together is pretty hard to beat. Brokeback is still going to win Best Picture and Best Director (Ang Lee still doesn't have an Oscar) and perhaps Best Supporting Actress. Heath won't be able to beat PSH, and Jake will be lucky to be nominated given his egregious category stealing (I sort of forsee a similar fate to that of Scarlett Johannson in 2003, but he will probably get a nomination because unlike LiT, BBM is the frontrunner.) Unless Jerry Falwell suddenly is elected President of AMPAS, Brokeback Mountain is a lock.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Willians ? Oh please... Rachel has already got it!

Pedro said...

Thanks, Nat, for this entertaining evening! Keep up the good work.

Regarding Crash, I think this support will show in its tally of nominations come Tuesday morning. Maybe Cheadle and Dillon both will be nominated. Who knows.

NicksFlickPicks said...

The Double Standards Police would like to know why Reese Witherspoon is allowed to be a little girl from Tennessee but Hilary Swank is not allowed to be from a trailer park. And no, you are not allowed to blame "de-glam." ;)

Anonymous said...

well kids - he's tried to keep me muffled all night, but here I am: what the fuck was wrong with the hollywood kids tonight? I've never seen so man celebs so badly dressed.

and jesus christ - this just reconfirms my theory that actors are stupid. "Crash"? dear lord. such a bad movie.

oh god, everything about this night was a disaster. i just can't deal with it anymore.


funny you should say that about reese because obviously that was the first thing i thought of. i was like SHE STUDIED HILARY'S SPEECHES!

only the difference is i love Reese. DOUBLE STANDARDS FOREVER! Yee haw.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Yay for Rachel Weisz! Screw everyone else.

Hoffman = Satan. Stop it already.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Nathaniel, I can't shake the feeling that you are lying to yourself.

Anonymous said...

oh please just make it end

Nick M. said...

I only slightly heard Reese's "I feel like a little girl from Tennessee" speech because i was too distracted by the light that was shining off of her large diamond earrings.


nick -don't make me dress in beige and walk into the ocean.

dont make me whole up in an igloo whispering affirmations into a tiny mirror

don't make me face....myself (gulp)


i meant "hole up" rather than "whole up" obviously

Joe R. said...

About the purple: The SAGs went all purple crazy back in 2003, too. So then everyone went and overcompensated with the champagne dresses on Oscar night. Yeah, fag, right here.

Also, for hating Crash, Nat's boyfriend shall now be my boyfriend. That's all.

Glenn Dunks said...

"It's telling that the clip they showed for Zhang Ziyi was one where she doesn't talk. Teehee."

I said the exact same thing to my friends. CAUSE. SHE. SPEAKS. LIKE. THIS. (who reckons the edited Memoirs to shorten the breaks between her dialogue. Her presentation wasn't very fluent.

Heath was bizarre in his intro. Drunk, perhaps?

Reese will get penalised for saying she's a little girl from tennessee if she has another contender for Best Actress in a few years and says THE EXACT SAME SHIT.

The actors clearly know not as many people watch the SAGs and thus a lot of the dresses weren't overly exciting; however, there were a few flourishes of fab. Ellen Pompeo surprised me + her face looks exactly like Renee Zellweger's (squinty and pursed)

NicksFlickPicks said...

O, the champagne fiasco. I always thought "rivers of champagne" was a description of a perfect world, but that night showed me that I need to be more specific.

adam k. said...

Wait, Nathaniel, what film character dressed in Beige and walked into the ocean? That wasn't Nicole Kidman in Birth, was it?

I'm sad that I missed the BBM intro, it sounds like it was entertaining.

I must say, Hoffman and Reese's speeches get better each and every time. I am no longer resenting Hoffman as his speeches have been quality, and next to Giammati he doesn't even look schlublike, plus I saw Capote and I admired his performance. I prefer Heath, but they were basically in the same league, so whatever.

Weird that Brokeback scored no wins, though... does the SAG nom leader ever go home empty handed like this? I don't recall it ever happening. I still think Williams is ripe for an upset. Although it goes to show you, in the supporting categories, when everyone is worthy, the leading role will win.

adam k. said...

Also, yeah, the Angela Bassett intensity at the mike reminded me yet again that she would've been P-E-R-F-E-C-T as Storm in X-Men. It literally would've been perfect casting. And look at her, she's still not even too old. She has that whole earthy/motherly/sensual/exotic/regal/tough/complex/emotional persona that Storm had in the comics. Literally PERFECT for the role. Damn the people who cast goddamn Halle Berry. What a travesty.

Anne said...

Hoffman's won 17 best awards this year, compared to Ledger's 2 (one from San Fran, and the prestigious NY). That said, I've yet to see BBM but have seen Capote twice. He deserves more than acting awards - he deserves Olympic Gold for playing Capote.

And it wasn't a "biopic" like, say, Ray. It dealt only with the six years Capote was writing In Cold Blood. From that, it gave terrific insight into Capote's character, or lack thereof. That was nearly 99 percent due to Hoffman's totally amazing performance.

Why does everyone seem so down on him?

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel thanks so much for this live blog. I admit, I didn't get to read it live, but it certainly made my morning (coffee all over screen and keyboard = not good) Is there any incentive you can be offered to do the same for Oscar night?

Last year the BBC royally stuffed us up and we got some Swank heavy highlights the following day which WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH (and I'm still fuming.

No surprise BBM didn't pick up anything here. PSH I can live with. He's not my favourite actor in all the world, but this is pretty much his one and only chance to nail big awards and it's not an undeserving performance by any stretch. Heathy babes earns his acting chops this year and if he doesn't nobble PSH on the line for an Oscar he become "owed" with age very much on his side.

Mind you, I'd really love to see David S win the thing, but I can't see that happening and am now dreading he won't even get nommed.

Anonymous said...


Hey, it appeared Renée Zellweger done and made herself scarce at the SAGs last night, so we were all mercifully spared her putting the kabosh on our awards show fun (hooray!).

Just like Kamikaze Camel though, I was more than a little unsettled by Ellen Pompeo her apparent Zelly channeling all squinty eyes and pursed lips (patooey!). Loved the dress though.

Jumpy about Oscar nom's tomorrow. Fingers crossed for Joan A.


Anonymous said...

I think it's time to give up the Williams nonsense, hopefully its Weisz v. Keener v. Bello with a potential Adams upset those are the people with the following and the major amount of awards, Williams only has one major win from the BFCA and all of one major critic group behind her. The BBM bias is truly becoming unnerving. With that said I'd love to see a Gyllenhaal upset.

ps. I love your web page and your blog and am an avid follower and fan. I'm just less biased.




no one is without bias. i'm just more honest about mine.

but as per Williams in Brokeback. Even if I didn't love the performance as much as I do I'd think she was the threat for the win above the others. Historically Oscar loves to throw an acting bone to best pictures. And they often do it in categories that seem odd if you don't look at the context of the year etc..
binoche, basinger, etc....

so the williams prediction really has NOTHING to do with how i feel about the film. My feeling that Ledger actually had a shot was more about the bias. Because clearly he does not (sigh)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right about us all having biases, mine this yeah is with a Speilberg director nom, in fact I think I concluded with the statement we all have biases, some just slightly more ominous.

Binoche had the over seas buzz going for her that Weisz seems to have this year. In terms of Basinger I know where you're going with that but Basinger had a longer reputation and was quite the PYT in her day, Williams has really just 'emerged' so to speak. But I do agree that the acting bone 'may' get thrown to Williams bc she's in a BP locked film (much like Cate's win last year) and BP locked winner but this seems to be more of year when a strong leading perf. in supporting role will win (much like Harden or Connelly).

I loved Williams in this film and if they developed her character more and gave her just an eensy bit more screen time she'd be tasting oscar gold. Do I think she has extreme potential to upset, OH HELL YES! Does it seem likely at the point? not so much. anything can happen tho... and I'm fine with that, you have to admit that all these women are more than deserving and I think this race will be the one to watch this year.



to anne --people always come down on people who win everything. it gets dull and especially when the year is very strong (in this category) it starts looking like lazy voting.

because one can certainly make a case for people besides Hoffman this year (in terms of quality -if not likelihood to win)

and if they must give Oscars to the over-actors of the world, WHERE THE HELL ARE ANGELA BASSETTS? AND ANNETTE BENINGS! Both get accused of being over the top all the time (like Hoffman) and you don't seem them sweeping awards. Me personally. I think they're both better actors than Hoffman. hence some of the frustration (even though he was quite good in Capote)

To Marcelo --I'm jumpy too. i need it to be wednesday so i can have my life back. tomorrow is going to be a LONG day at the keyboard.

To anonymous --no live blogging the Oscars as my duties are as party host. unless people want to send me lots of money via paypal ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

But the fact of the matter is that AMPAS do not care if you have little screentime when you're in Supporting Actress and the Best Picture winner (er, most likely). Judi Dench, people.

It seems silly to say Williams isn't even in the contest.

Yes, she was "due" or whatever but so if Scarlett Johansson, but you don't see AMPAS bending over backwards to make it up to her, do ya!

Hoffman is indeed an overacter, but usually not a good one. His Capote perf looks really scarily weird (in a good way!) so I can't wait for the film. However, my heart will belong to Heath methinks. I saw the film today at last and can't get it out of my head. That scene where he breaks down into Jake's arms... wow.

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