Sunday, January 22, 2006


Read Them:
Fametracker on Brangelina's new project.
Reverse Shot, like me, were also annoyed by what they Overheard @ Caché.
Faggoty-Ass Faggot on American Idols rather ugly homophobia this season.
Hindustan article on the Golden Globes which, for unbeknownst reasons, pits Chinese cinema vs. Bollywood.
Watch Them:
Cinematical on the blue screen shoot of Zach Snyder's Frank Miller adaptation 300
Dan-O-Rama (who has the job I most covet -video repurposing) wishes you a Happy New Year.
Just because it's funny --the Hazzards "Gay Boyfriend" video.
Dreamworks retro style "behind the scenes" newsreel like promo for Dreamgirls.
Do Copenhagen's list of the 50 Best Music Videos of 2005. (That'll keep you busy for awhile)


Anthony said...

I felt like there was a story with the "effeminate" contestant from "American Idol" that needed exploring on a deeper basis than this crap talent show could provide. In all honesty, MTV's "True Life" is actually the one quality program left on that channel that deals with issues on a personal level. Their specials on breast implants, OCD, and meth use were pretty damn good.

Rahul said...

I believe the reason for the Chinese cinema versus Bollywood comes primarily in that China and India are now economic rivals in the world. For Shanghai in China theres Bangalore in India. Therefore, they feel that with the successes of Chinese films...Bollywood should try and emulate that.

I love Bollywood, and when they do make a good's really good. But currently there are about 97% bad films.

Love the blog.


anthony --i haven't seen true life but thanks for the recommendation

rahul -glad to see new names in here. and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the NY Times had an editorial about the absolute nastiness (I believe they called it "mean-spirited") of American Idol yesterday:

Anonymous said...

(oops, didn't mean to be anonymous - that last one was me)

Anonymous said...

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