Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hump Day Hotties: Daniel vs. Chloe vs. Nick

What is sexier than talent? Nothing. My hotties this week are Chloe, Daniel V, and Nick of Project Runway fame. They also happen to be my predictions for the finalists when this season of television's greatest reality show concludes in a few weeks. In case you're living under a rock Project Runway plays every Wednesday night on Bravo.

Chloe is a cute girl though her strange lapses in grammar bug. As Joe Reid pointed out to me she also has "stealth bitchiness" which can be appealing so long as the shows editors wants you to like her. The powers-that-be do not want you to like Santino under any circumstances. Yes he's gross. Yes he's obnoxious but it's also more than obvious that the deck is stacked against him in reaction cuts and the editing clips they choose. But anyway...that adorable gay uncle Nick began the season as my heartthrob. And though I still flutter a bit at his total cuteness I must confess that I am tired of staring at his overemphasized fauxhawk --seriously push the hair down Nick! Now my heart (and body) belongs to Daniel V. Sigh. (I'm with One Gay Date at a Time on this one.)

If you're not watching this show by now, you just crazy.

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adam k. said...

Well this was a fun post, but Nathaniel, where are the oscar updates. They seem to have stalled. We don't want news, we want predictions, dammit! (and I think I speak for other readers when I say that)

Andy Scott said...

Season 2 is really starting to get interesting. It started out as Santino vs. Nick but I think Chloe and Daniel V. are the ones to watch. It'd be nice to see both them and Nick make it to the final three.

I can't figure why Santino is still around. I'm guessing it's a combination of a.) they think he still has potential and b.) he makes for really good TV. Everybody loves to hate him.


adam k --i know everyone wants me to STAY IN MY BOX. but sometimes i need to just go where my muse takes me.

oscar nominations are coming. i just am not quite ready.


andy --i so agree. but it's very disappointing. this is the first time i've ever doubted the integrity of project runway (with santino surviving each week) --because before it was the only reality show that really did seem totally based on talent AND totally unpredictable (people who you thought would win getting dropped) so his survival is CLEARLY a producers decision --and a disappointing one. It's like they failed to notice that the rest of the cast has also evoked lots of passionate fan feeling.

adam k. said...

Well I was sort of kidding of course... obviously take as long as you want. To quote Jack Twist, "fast or slow, honey, I just like the direction you're goin'."

(btw, saw Brokeback again and love it immensely now... it does get better on repeat viewings)

Hm, I hope my earlier comment didn't sound all mean and demanding. It sort of reads that way now that I'm reading it. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, you write about whatever you want...I love it when you go off-message and reveal that you're actually human, not just a nomination-tabulating machine from the 24th century. ;-)

How funny...we've picked the same three for the final three! I think Zulema, Andrae and (sadly) Santino have outside shots at it, but the trio you name is the trio to watch.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Scrolling down to the post title, I thought, I'm a Hump Day Hottie??!!? And who do I know named Daniel and Chloe?? (Cue: Carly Simon...)

Glenn Dunks said...

I sorta wish Australia got this show. I hear so much about at Pink is the New Blog, and places such as this.

Fauxhawks are the worst. I hate them even more that 3/4 length pants!