Sunday, January 08, 2006

Exactly How Many Awards?

Q: Exactly how many awards do i give out every year?
A: Way too many.

Almost done with the traditional categories (or, if you'd like to call it this: "my oscar ballot" -- would that i had a vote) Previously posted categories: Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay,Visual Effects, Makeup, and two non-Oscary categories Ensemble Work and Breakthrough.

Three new categories now posted today...

Best Actress
Usually my favorite category but this year was weak. Nevertheless there's always enough candidates if you actually look for them. (Yes Oscar you don't have to nominate Ziyi Zhang just because she's pretty and carries a film. You can wait until she deserves it. Please) My nominees play a bitter heavy drinking wife, a Georgian literary heroine, a country music superstar, a political activist, and a complete solar system unto herself with men in helpless orbit.

Best Supporting Actor
Also a weak year for this category but I'm very fond of these five: an intellectual egotist, a former sports star, a TV executive, a psychophathic brute, and the father of a gaggle of girls.

Best Art Direction
Too many worthy nominees in this category. But these five films transported me the most into their own meticulously created environs.


Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing Memoirs of a Geisha get a complete shut-out, since it was a no-show in the two most obvious categories - Make-up and Art Direction. I also predict that 2046 will take the Costume Design "Asian slot." A little dissapointing, because though not a very good film, I thought the visuals should have been rewarded somewhere.

- Adam

Joe R. said...

There's an "Asian slot"?

Kevyn Knox said...

Out of the five years' previous Film Bitch Awards, only 2002 comes up without an "Asian" Costume nomination. Crouching Tiger in 2000; In the Mood for Love in 2001; Kill Bill & Last Samurai in 2003 (okay, technically Hollywood films, but...); and Flying Daggers last year.

I am glad to see 2046 pop up in some categories though - I have my own annual awards (only in their second year though), and 2046 will surely play prominantly once I announce the nominees later this month.

adam k. said...

Well best actress won't be terrible if it's Allen/Dench/Huffman/Knightley/Witherspoon... still entirely possible. I think I would bet on Allen/Dench/Huffman/Theron/Witherspoon to practically guarantee 4 correct picks one way or another. But I feel that something about this category will shock. Actually I guess even Allen getting in at this point would be kind of a shock... did they campaign at all?

And it is looking like none of your supp. actor nominees will make it. Sad.

Glenn Dunks said...

True story - I had a dream last night that Wong Kar-Wai and Zhang Ziyi got nominated for 2046. Lol, Oscar on the brain.

And, yeah, Joan Allen would be a surprise in AMPAS' Best Actress line up as of now. It really is tragic that there is no campaign for her or a very deserving Kevin Costner.

Not feeling Paddy Considine though. But I didn't particularly respond to any of the movie, so...


well... these aren't predictions. I know Paddy Considine has as much of a prayer as, say, Elisabeth Shue in Mysterious Skin.

adam k. said...

I really thought Allen would recover at SAG.

But hey nathaniel, just noticing on your supporting actor page about Jake's chances, and I don't think you should be too worried, re: the non-victimized gay character thing. I mean... he was pretty victimized if you ask me. If you know what I mean (trying not to reveal a spoiler here). Anyway yeah, he is no Dennis Quaid as far as happy actualizations go, and certainly no Rupert Everett. He was proactive but really not even "out" and certainly not happy. He didn't have AIDS exactly but come on now. He fits the AMPAS bill just fine. I worry only about category confusion, but I don't think it'll be much of an issue, I think he's in.

Glenn Dunks said...

Lol, I didn't mean it like you were predicting him. I just didn't really feel anything about that movie except for the lead girls.

Can I just comment that I love what you did with Adapted Screenplay's layout, with the original coveres and the poster. Very nice. I agree on your thoughts about original screenplays to. They're usually so much more interesting.

Gerry said...

Somewhat surprised to see Jeff Daniels, Tony Leung, Idina Menzel and Jesse L. Martin not mentioned in your acting categories.
While I don't particuarly "love" any apart from Daniels, I was under the impression you did?
Did you change your mind or was it just an oversight?

Javier Aldabalde said...

Yes, what happened to Jeff Daniels?



seriously you guys. i need an editor. (besides myself). it's corrected now.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty depressed about the lack of mention of Lisa Kudrow in Happy Endings... didn't even make it as a finalist? I loooved her in it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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