Sunday, January 29, 2006

SAG Live Blogging. Arrivals Part 2

Already having technical problems so if I CAN do this I will. If not I won't simple as that [frown]. Refresh on occassion and if it's working you'll see new commentary.
ARGH. I hate this laptop. It is soooo confused about it's connection and there is so much inanity to cover... I'll keep trying.
Earlier that was the simplest dress I had ever seen on Charlize Theron. And she looked rather sans makeup. I loved her little "I did Aeon Flux BEFORE this!" excuse making. Sensitive much? He didn't even ask about it.
And good earrings Charlize. Well done.
How much do i love Mary Louise Parker? Guess.
Everybody Loves Raymond. Except for me. Who is Raymond again?
I should probably say that I dig redheads. And some people in my apartment shrieked when they saw Kimberly Marcia Cross in purple. But I think she looks purty.
Ellen Pompeo obviously heard Joe Reid's anguished cry the night of the Golden Globes. She cleaned up nice for SAG. She's still boring though. Sandra Oh is the reason everyone watches that show. That and the amazing miracle of Patrick Dempsey's hair.
Guiliana (name?) is asking Matt Dillon if he ever considered quitting acting --something about how hard it is to maintain a career. We always complain when the press is frivolous w/ the "who are you wearing?" monotony. But sometimes --in their defense--when they try these very serious mini interviews it feels weird on the red carpet.
Oh and to all my readers who think I'm mean to La Swank. A friend of mine is visiting and he refers to her as "Man Sweat" Now that is mean.
Impromptu Poll of Room: Best Dressed?
KM says "Angela Bassett" The Boyfriend says "Terrence Howard" Mina says "I am." BJ is only 22 and he's already losing his memory. He can't remember who. And we've only been watching for one hour.


Calum Reed said...

Woohoo. So excited! Sadly, I live in the UK and can't watch this but hopefully your commentary will be as riveting as the actual thing, or at least as close as humanly possible :P

Anonymous said...

what is H. Swank thinking with that train-wreck of a dress??


we do not know what La Skank is thinking. But we never actually know.

Nick M. said...

You all sound like a bunch of catty bitches. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

um, sweetie darling, we are catty bitches. Well, I am, anyway. And that's putting it nicely.