Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ludacris: The Good Luck Charm

SAG Page is now Updated.
Surprise. It's not George Clooney (Good Night & Syriana) with 2 Ensemble nominations but Ludacris (Hustle & Flow and Crash)! SAG usually throws one real curveball and Hustle & Flow is it. But it's a well acted film so that's cool. Read the rest for thoughts on Terrence Howard, the bloodbath fifth spot in the supporting actor race, and a couple angry words to my fellow Oscar prognosticators on the Diane Keaton situation.


adam k. said...

"When the same names crop up for every lineup, there you have it."

Then I assume you think Crowe and Theron will be getting in, too. They have both been everywhere.

I still don't think Theron or McDormand will get in, or Crowe, or Ziyi, but it sure is hard to rationalize why.

I wanna say Hurt will get into supporting, but it's hard to say. This really has been quite the unpredictable race.

Dr. S said...

Hey, guy, the URL in your link is missing the "w" in Awards!

Kris said...

Ignorant comment about "trusting" myself, Poland and Wells. No one asked you to "trust" us, and frankly, I'm of the mind that, no matter how early someone sees a film, I'm prone to take my own gut feeling over their perception of a thing any day. Maybe you should do the same.

And Ms. Stone said you ought to include her, since she too thought Keaton would win after seeing the film.


kris, why are you always so bitchy in comments? You of all people should be well aware that I always do take my own gut feeling seriously. I had no strong gut feeling pro or con (other than my own fandom for Keaton hoping it was true) -- so I was totally ready to believe it when 3 separate sources declared it to be so.

and frankly if you're not listening to others you're also never hearing "buzz" either. Don't even try and pretend that you don't read other prognosticators or listen to what people are saying from early screenings. If you didn't do that you wouldn't be doing your job --but you know all this already. You're just bitching to bitch because I called you on a bad call. It's really not that big of a deal. We all make them. You are just uncomfortable when people point to yours.

I call it like I see it and I remain genuinely perplexed that all three of you [wasn't aware of Sasha's early feelings --i read that she did not like the film but that was quite some time after your early rave] thought this was an Oscar frontrunner performance. I like Keatons work even when others don't and I couldn't find anything that particularly special about it.

Kris said...

Fair enough. I read others' comments and take them into account. But if I tow that line too, I certainly don't point a finger at them and exclamate "I'll never trust them again." That's just foolish.

But play the game how you will.

Anonymous said...

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