Monday, January 09, 2006

Bowing Down

Have y'all been here recently? Every year I find the work that Engin does soooo amazing on this site. Labor intensive but such a fascinating insight into consensus and also a vital, I think, snapshot of the vast array of professionals, semi professionals, and full time hobbyists or online celebrities devoting themselves to film criticism, evaluation, obsession, etc... It's also fascinating to compare your favorites to the consensus and see just how maverick you are. Or, if you prefer, how critically perceptive. Of course it's all exceptionally boring if you're not a list junkie. But if you're still reading, you are.

FWIW, the year in which my list coincided most closely to general consensus was in 2001, where 6 of my top 10 appeared and the other four were films I at least mildly enjoyed (Moulin Rouge!, The Fellowship of the Ring, In the Mood for Love, Mulholland Dr, The Royal Tenenbaums, In the Bedroom were the mutual love-fests) --it's probably not so coincidentally my favorite film year of the decade. So much killer stuff... I still long for a year as fine as that one. The year in which my list was in most disagreement was in 2003, where I matched up with only three films (Lost in Translation, Return of the King, and Kill Bill Vol. 1) and actively hated one celebrated film (21 Grams). 2003 is probably not so coincidentally my least favorite film year of the decade.


jeff_v said...

# of shared titles in the consensus top ten and mine:

2005: 3
2004: 4
2003: 4
2002: 5
2001: 6

Either I'm becoming an independent thinker or I'm growing out-of-touch.


jeff always go with the positive spin. you're becoming and INDEPENDENT thinker.

Joe R. said...

Okay, this is funny. I'm 6/10 every single year. And if 2005 ends up the way I think it will, I'll be 6/10 this year, too. I don't know how I should feel about taht. Am I so predictable?

adam k. said...

Yeah, 2001 was pretty stellar. It was also the year I graduated high school/started college, lots of life transitions, etc. so it was very formative for me. Moulin Rouge!, Hedwig, Mulholland, et al will be close to my heart forever.

I actually officially came out right as oscar season 2001 was ending, cause I'd been so invested in it and deeply obsessed with it that I realized how outside of that I really had no actual life to speak of, which scared me, so I promply freaked out and jumped into a relationship. Aaaah, 2001. Memories...

Anonymous said...

mine are:

2005: 3 (so far)
2004: 5
2003: 4
2002: 2 (but I have "Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN" in 2001, because that's when it was released in Mexico and I'm from Mexico, so...)
2001: 5

Glenn Dunks said...
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Glenn Dunks said...

Mutual agreements on Top 10s

2001 - 5, the other two (Mood for Love and Tenenbaums are JUST outside the 10)
2002 - 5, others I either haven't seen (Schmidt and Punch-Drunk) or really quite liked. The only one I hate is Gangs
2003 - 4, however 2 other films from my Top 10 are their #11 and #12.
2004 - 5, however I really like two others on their list
And I've only seen three films on 2005's Top 10, however one is almost definitely gonna be in my top 10 (Constant Gardener), One could if many others disappoint (Crash) and one will not (King Kong)