Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Murrow Speaks. Collette Rocks. AP & Brando Both Suck.

Film Epidemic's take on the resonant and skillful messaging in Good Night, and Good Luck.

IMDB tells us that Toni Collette is going to be touring for 2006. Much as I love me some Toni. I've seen Juliette Lewis' and Gina Gershon's career nosedive doing the same thing. Although maybe they're all doing it as a result of Hollywood not having enough use for their unique screen personas.

Just Jared has pics of Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale from Christopher Nolan's new project The Prestige. You'll remember that Joe Reid brought that potentially drool worthy film to our attention in October 2005.

An AP report that makes me crazy. Seriously how many strange assumptions and errors are in this thing (Chicago is an optimistic movie? Since when. More like joyously cynical. ) Anyway --somebody pay me quick. I know what I'm talking about! And for once can entertainment reporters think to ask someone besides Tom O'Neill for an opinion. Nothing against O'Neill. But damn the homogeny is zzzzz.

And 'What Would Tyler Durden Do?' doesn't care what they're saying about Brando. (warning: NSFW)


John T said...

In the AP Article, I counted seven, but I might have missed some.

John T said...

Oh in case you're interested the seven I found:

1. "Unusually late" Oscars-aside from the last two years, when have the Oscars been as early as March 5th?

2. "The guild awards are the same voters as the Oscars"-not really true, and kind of misleading.

3. "Less brainy" does not apply to the sweeping epic Return of the King (though I thin they've got a point with Gladiator and Braveheart).

4. Chicago is about as optimistic as Closer.

5. Memoirs of a Geisha is neither bright nor crowd-pleasing, despite the articles insinuations.

6. While I think Huffman has a better chance than most predictors, she is in no way a shoo-in.

7. Clooney can get two? Actually, Clooney can get three!!!

I know it's nit-picky, but journalism seems to be on such a slippery slope lately, and I hate it when Oscar-related articles are just dripping with small problems like that.

adam k. said...

Yeah the Huffman/Witherspoon bit is completely off. Huffman is in no way the frontrunner, let alone a shoo-in. At best, it's an even two way race, though really Reese is way ahead. I haven't heard a single person other than whoever wrote this article call Huffman the frontrunner.

Anonymous said...

I used to love Huffman in the Sports Night era. I even loved her 'shock win' Emmy speech because it was such an "OMG it WASN'T Teri Hatcher - OUCH!" moment. But the Globes made clear that she only has one speech in her ("I struggled to get work"), and it'd be painful to hear it again. Witherspoon has it.

Oh, and I'm so getting me that Toni Collette album. Though I speak as someone who loved the Juliette & The Licks album AND especially loved the Minnie Driver album.


Anonymous said...

I honestly wish Toni would've released her damn album a couple years ago. Then maybe she wouldn't have lost that Roxie Hart role to, uh, the far inferior Renée Zellwegger. Just hope the music's not obnoxious...

adam k. said...

Toni would've lost the Chicago role anyway. Everyone knows Toni can sing, she just didn't have the inside conenctions Renee had.

I enjoy Huffman a lot, but "I struggled to get work" speeches are effective at gaining sympathy when you didn't happen to be comfortably married to a semi-famous person the whole time. Whatever, I don't know, there are just so many out-of-work actors, let the ones who were truly starving use that speech, you know?

Glenn Dunks said...

The bit from Huffman's Globe speech that would get people is the thanking of people who live on the fringes bit. That was grade a saccharine. It worked mind you.

I love the song "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" by Minnie Driver, but never heard anything else from it. And i was obsessed with the Prey For Rock & Roll soundtrack for a while. Gina is my bitch.

Anonymous said...

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