Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar Nominations !!!


They're Heee--eeeere. Here's the big six for your instant discussion pleasure. The individual pages at the site will be updated on an ongoing basis starting now as long as my fingers hold up (70 wpm, baby). You'll know they're updated when links pop up in the list below. All my time today will be devoted to the Oscar pages on the site. But comment here if the spirit moves you.

Best Picture
Brokeback Mountain (Focus)
Capote (Sony Pictures Classics)
Crash (Lions Gate)
Good Night, and Good Luck. (Warner Independent)
Munich (Universal)

note: The editing nominations, which usually line up well with BP and don't line up well this year are: Cinderella Man, Crash, Munich, Walk the Line, and Constant Gardener read (aside form Crash) like an entire "who's who" of the films warring it out for the 5TH slot of the Oscars in everyone's mind. This suggests to me that it was a tighter race than we think for many 5th slots pertaining to the top pictures.

Best Director
Clooney, Good Night, and Good Luck.
Haggis, Crash
Lee, Brokeback Mountain
Miller, Capote
Spielberg, Munich

Best Actor
Hoffman, Capote
Howard, Hustle & Flow
Ledger, Brokeback Mountain
Phoenix, Walk the Line
Strathairn, Good Night, and Good Luck

NOTE:I told y'all forever that they would never give Crowe a nomination in the year in which he threw the phone. But so many did not believe me. Ha. You think they would normally nominate someone playing a pimp in a movie they probably neededd subtitles to understand? I thought not. Crowe's antics forced them to look at alternatives. Which is excellent because Terrence was MORE than deserving. Woo-hoo. Great category.

Best Actress
Dench, Mrs Henderson Presents
Huffman, TransAmerica
Knightley, Pride & Prejudice
Theron, North Country
Witherspoon, Walk the Line

NOTE: This category will be renamed Best Actreszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry Bello, Linney, Paltrow, Collette, Watts, Devos, Allen, and any others who gave interesting performances this year. But ah well, GO REESE! Get that Oscar you go-getter you. Oscar Voters: PICK FLICK!

Best Supporting Actor
George Clooney, Syriana
Matt Dillon, Crash
Paul Giamatti, Cinderella Man
Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain
William Hurt, A History of Violence

NOTE:so...how mad at I at myself for changing my prediction in this category 48 hours ago. I had it exactly right for a month and then changed it -ARGH!

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams, Junebug
Catherine Keener, Capote
Frances McDormand, North Country
Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener
Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain

NOTE: so after snubs for The Cooler (Globe and SAG) and A History of Violence (Globe), methinks the Oscar voters really owe Maria Bello in a strong way. Maria, get another great role quick. It's all about being owed. Just ask Paul Giamatti, so coasting on Sideways this year. But anyway this is a great category. All five are really fine actresses or at least worthy of note.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Amy Adams, Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!! I thik this year's choices are pretty good... but I'm not happy about them snubbing Maria Bello again.

Nick M. said...

I cannot believe I woke up early to hear such bland and predictable nominations.

I just stayed there, half-asleep on the couch, and not ONE mention made me completely wake up with shock and elight. Actually, none even made me feel shock and disgust -- it was just nothing.

How depressing.

Anonymous said...

Initial thoughts: OK, so no Joan Allen (BOO!), but YAY for no Ziyi Zhang in Best Actress, and "cute" that they nominated Knightley.

BOOOOOO! about no Maria Bello, but yay for Jake Gyllenhaal and Terrence Howard.



Anonymous said...

Hey Pride and Prejudice got some much deserved tech awards.

Joe R. said...

I love how the 5/5 Pic/Diretcor matchup is the one thing no one was predicting.

Anonymous said...

overall too predictable and no realy out of left field choices...Happy for Keira, Jake and Amy Adams!! Don't understand the need to nominate Charlize and Frances for a "Lifetime" movie! ugh!

Nick M. said...

Does anyone else completely despise that pathetic Leo Q. (I don't care to remember his last name)?

Not only does he seem like a moronic, undiscerning, ADD-addled schoolboy, but his facts were wrong, also. Then again, I guess I should not expect much from E! reporters.

John T said...

Was the last time Best Picture and Best Director lined up 1981?

When was the last time Best Actor had four first time nominees?

When was the last time that there were 14 first-time acting nominees?

OhMyTrill said...

Is it just me, or is it a little suspect when a movie shows up in Picture and Director (ahem...MUNICH) but doesn't really seem to get nominated in anything else!?!?!?

Academy: Please get over your Spielberg fixation...

Pedro said...

It is interesting to look at the other nominations. In art direction, the only best picture nominee is Good Night. In cinematographyy, Batman makes a showing (yeah!) as well as New World. The only two best picture neminees are Brokeback and Good Night. In costume design there is no best picture nominee. In editing, the only best picture nominees present are Munich and Crash. In sound editing and sound mixing, there is no best picture nominee. Interesting. The Academy seems to have distributed the nominations through a lo tof films.

According to my count:
Brokeback - 8 nominations
Good Night - 6
Crash - 6
Capote - 5
Munich - 5

In the big 8:
Brokeback - 6
Good Night - 4
Crash - 4
Capote - 5
Munich - 3

Good showing for Brokeback and Capote.

Ramification said...

The guy on the BBC was saying beforehand that Crash might be a surprise nominee which made me laugh. Not too many big surprises there, I didn't think William Hurt would make it but glad someone from that film got a nod. Knightley was a bit of a surprise but not totally unexpected, its strange that she wasn't nominated for a BAFTA though.

The confusion over Maria Bello (supporting or lead) probably hurt her, I would have loved to see her in the lead category over Theron.

Anonymous said...

I suppose some will make a case for BBM losing Best Picture since it was snubbed in Editing... I was sure the most likely snub would be Score or SupActor, happy for Jake


par3182 said...

only three best song nominees - that'll make the ceremony a lot more bearable.

John T said...

Oh my god-I'm looking at the techs:

No Film Editing nod for Brokeback?

Constant Gardener for Score (one of three first-timers)?

Only three song nominees?

No Star Wars Visual Effects nod?

Man I love Oscar morning!

Paul C. said...

Anyone else notice that "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" got a best song nomination? That oughtta liven things up...

Ramification said...

I am gonna go out on a limb and predict Dolly Parton to win for best song :) ('9 to 5' lost out in 1981 to 'Fame') ....

Anonymous said...

I'm furious. Where is MARIA BELLO ? She gave easily one of the best female perfomances of the year. The Globes should't have nominated her in the lead category. Academy members split her votes. Fucking category confusion !
Naomi Watts should have been nominated as well.


trashbag -it happened in 1998 I think the 5/5 pic/dir thing.

cp. inor -yeah. bello snubbed twice now when she's had precursor support. So mean.

nick m -yeah. mostly boring. although there were one or two fun things.

anonymous & joe r -i know on pic/dir... and i kept saying it could be 3/5 this year even though i predicted 4/5. oops. my bad.

PEDRO -where are you getting the tech nods? the oscar site doesn't have them and neither does oscarwatch yet?

anonymous -yeah big BOO on Theron and McDormand. zzzz those spaces could have really gone to someone's career who needed it AND who gave a better performance.

i am really curious where everyone is getting the tech nods. not from the official oscar site or oscarwatch.

hmmm.... give me a link quick so i can work on all the pages.

Pedro said...

Nat - The techs are already at oscar.com. That's where I obtained the info.

DC Cab Rider said...

I thought History of Violence was going to do better than it did. And was really surprised to see Geisha in costume category, after reading so many stories about the trashing of the costumes by Japanese experts.

Glad about Brokeback Mountain and Crash, definately two of my favorite movies of the year. Never saw Constant Gardener, and didn't expect it to score as many as it did.

Ramification said...

Direct link to the nods : http://oscar.com/nominees/list.html

Anonymous said...

No cinematography for The Constant Gardener ? ? ? That's just wrong...

Pedro said...

I find it funny that Walk the Line also has 5 nominations:

Costume design
Film editing
Sound mixing

Gustavo H.R. said...

Spielberg and MUNICH were nominated. Eat that up.

Anonymous said...

well... at least Amy Adams got one, and Howl's Moving Castle too \o/

Pedro said...

Other totals in nominations:

Memoirs of a Geisha - 6 nominations (more than some best picture nominees)

Pride & Prejudice - 4
The Constant Gardener- 4
King Kong - 4
Cinderella Man - 3
Chronicles of Narnia - 3
War of the Worlds - 3

Two nominations:
Hustle & Flow
A History of Violence
Mrs. Henderson Presents
North Country

One nomination:
Howl's Moving Castle
Corpse Bride
Wallace and Gromit
Harry Potter
The New World
Charlie and Chocolate Factory
Star Wars (and not in visual effects)
Match Point
The Squid and the Whale


the first starwars film to not receive a visual effects honor.

Anonymous said...

the 5/5 dir/pic thing did not happen in 1998: Shekhar Kapur was not nominated for Elizabeth, instead Peter Weir was for the Truman Show. 1981 was in fact the last year that this happened.

director switches for each year recently:
2004 - Leigh (Vera Drake) for Forster (Finding Neverland)

2003 - Meirelles (City of God) for Ross (Seabiscuit)

2002 - Almodovar (Habla con ella) for Jackson (Two Towers)

2001 - Scott (Black Hawk Down) and Lynch (Mulholland Dr.) for Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) and Field (In the Bedroom)

2000 - Daldry (Billy Elliot) for Hallstrom (Chocolat)

1999 - Jonze (Being John Malkovich) for Darabont (The Green Mile)

1997 - Egoyan (Sweet Hereafter) for Brooks (As Good as it Gets)

1996 - Forman (People vs. Larry Flynt) for Crowe (Jerry Maguire)

1995 - Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) and Robbins (Dead Man Walking) for Howard (Apollo 13) and Lee (Sense and Sensibility)

1994 - Allen (Bullets over Broadway) and Kieslowski (Red) for Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) and Newell (Four Weddings...)

Anonymous said...

also: who here, upon seeing A History of Violence thought that William Hurt would get the film's only acting nom?

(not raising hand)

Maria Bello wuz robbed.


i did think HURT would get the nomination (i only dropped him two days ago ---DRAT, shoulda trusted my instincts) but... argh.

so pissed about Bello. they so owe her.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Um, the Cinematography category is SUCH a joke. Happy for Lubezki, though. Sorry, but anyone who goes for "Geisha" over "Gardener" in that category is a total idiot.

Happy for "Howl's Moving Castle", William Hurt, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Alberto Iglesias (yay!!!).

I'm actually a bit for Zhang Ziyi, she's always so charming and happy in awards shows. theron, on the other hand, seems totally bored by the proceedings this year (loser!)

Anonymous said...

Good times when directors like Kieslowski, Allen or an icredible surprise like Egoyan were nominated instead of mediocre directors like Ron Howard, Hallstrom etc.
This year Cronenberg and Haneke (or Malick) had to be in the best 5!

So sorry also for Bello!


Anonymous said...

An Italian film, "Don't tell (La Bestia nel cuore") is nominated in Best Foreifn for the first time since 1999, the year of Roberto Benigni's victory for "Life is beautiful". It's only a detail cause I'm Italian.


par3182 said...

the music branch was surprisingly welcoming to newcomers and, not so surprisingly, loved john williams as much as usual.

Anonymous said...

I actually predicted "Munich" rather than "Walk The Line", so I'm quite smug right now. I figured the people who loved "Munich" REALLY loved it, and so it was more likely to place high on ballots than the filling-out-the-category pick of "Walk The Line" (which I bet appeared on more ballots overall).

Meantime, who's not happy about Keira Knightley? I think that her nomination is so adorable. She's completely unworthy when compared with Joan Allen, but considering we were all expecting Ziyi Zhang, Knightley's nomination is like music to the ears...



rob -you took the words out of my mouth. thrilled with Keira considering the alternative even though her performance doesn't hold a candle to the best in this field. the one they snubbed altogether.

Anonymous said...


-Terence Howard, not Matt Dillon, was best-in-show in CRASH; I was really hoping that he would repeat Jamie Foxx's "phenomenally gifted young black performer earns two nominations in one year" hat trick, especially since I like him a lot more. Dillon was terrific, and all, but I'm a little disturbed that there's been another case of the Danny Aiello business where the Caucasian actor is the only one who gets noticed among a multicultural ensemble in a "race movie." (See also: "Black movies" going down easier if helmed by sincere, workmanlike liberal white folks.) Dillon and Aiello both gave terrific performances (Aiello moreso), and certainly I don't expect the Dillon's nomination was a product of shifting naturally toward the white man (as Aiello's probably was in 1989.) I'm just sayin'.

-I figured it'd be "Hustle and Flow" that'd get the Song nomination, not "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp"; neither is particularly good, but as I recall, the former's lyrics a little cleaner (?) and it's the more conventionally 'inspirational' ("it ain't over for me... it ain't over for me...") Anyway, it funks ya head up to think that Three Six Mafia (the "Stay Fly" guys) have Oscar nominations... but they do. And I love this movie, and Terence's magnificent lead performance, so... rock on.

Anonymous said...

when they announced KK I hoped for 1.5 second Chalize Theron was getting the cold shoulder... sigh

Anonymous said...


-Did my mouthing off about how unlikely Michael Haneke's nod would be totally damn him?!?!?! Actually, no, wait, the fact that he's -Michael Haneke- did. Well that's okay then.

-Incidentally, all the speculation about CACHE and 2046 was obviously just smoke and mirrors, but I wanted so badly to believe something could happen. (One's Wong Kar-Wai! One's Michael Haneke, and it has Daniel Auteuil in it! Note: If Daniel Auteuil were an American, his name would probably be bandied about in Oscar spec every time he made a film. See also: Isabelle Huppert. Sigh.)

-Also: it's not totally beyond Wong to make a film that the Academy notices someday in the distant future, or at least become beloved enough that he gets one of those amazing Satyajit Ray/Andrzej Wajda "nobody on Earth knows who you are but you're an absolute genius so here you go" honourary awards (I'm still grateful to James Ivory that he convinced them to give one to Ray of all people.) This award, inevitably, is my last-ditch hope for recognition by the Academy of some unsung people that I've always loved. (Since Steve Buscemi will probably never give a performance as utterly wonderful as the one he gave in GHOST WORLD ever again, an even if he does will probably never recieve any awards traction for it, is it impossible that they could send him off as a consummate character actor and perpetual enricher of the films he's in, Ralph Bellamy-style? Who knows?)

Anonymous said...


-See, I loved it when they "enshrined" Benicio Del Toro as an "okay, we officially like this guy" selection by nominating him in twenty oh-three. If they had to do that this year for someone in the 2003 Actress crowd, why stupid plastic Theron and not Naomi Watts? (Note: I haven't seen MONSTER.) Okay, so she had the genre hurdle to overcome, but STILL. You know? I can't even bear to think about NORTH COUNTRY. Niki frikin Caro must be soooo pleased with herself, the simpleton. Grrr.

-Hmmm. In an extremely rich Supporting Actress field, relative unknown Amy Adams gets a nomination for an out-of-nowhere knockout performance in a modestly acclaimed but not particularly adored indie. Her character is conventionally lovable, and indeed she is a conventionally lovely, luminous woman with a boring name. Flash back two years. In an extremely rich Supporting Actor field, relative unknown Peter Sarsgaard gives an out-of-nowhere knockout performance in a modestly acclaimed but not particularly adored indie. He is not conventionally good-looking, his name is longer, his performance is less straightforward and perhaps more difficult. He does not get the nomination. (Admittedly, if he had, there would have been no room on the ballot for the one Djimon Hounsou, who is so awesome.) But, I don't know, I guess... symmetry? Maybe? Although usually symmetry is bad with Oscar, because it means continued bad noms or unjust snubs. And speaking of which....

-Sorry Maria. Sorry Gong. Sorry Ralph and, especially, sorry Viggo (guess that's what happens when four of five noms are preordained.) Sorry Taraji (P.S. hold me.) Sorry Gong. Sorry Mr. Deprave (FIVE FOR FIVE PICTURE/DIRECTOR MATCHUP?! WTF IS THIS?! Don't they skew it every year so this never happens?! Seriously, I thought that was why it happens so rarely.) Sorry Gong. Sorry Naomi and Claire and Gwyneth and any other remotely interesting female lead performances (this year sucks in that depot.) Sorry forgotten-about Miranda July (seemed like it could happen when it opened, no? But then, so did THE STATION AGENT and (ugh) GARDEN STATE.) Sorry Brian Cox- someday you'll get a role that singes you into voters' minds like what happened to William Hurt. Maybe Woody himself will give it to you... someday. SORRY GONG. SORRY GONG. SORRY GONG. I love you.

Anonymous said...


-Yay for Zhang not recieving a nomination for one of her occasional bad performances.

-But on the other hand, boo for Zhang not recieving a nomination for one of her occasional bad performances. Because Zhang + Keira in means Theron out and I have an unfounded dislike of Theron. I find her phony and bland that I'd much rather look at Zhang doing nothing in particular than watch Charlize trying her best.

-Joan Allen was very good, so she deserved to be here in a season when no one but Reese and Felicity was apparently even that, but for some reason I can't bring myself to bellow out "INJUSTICE!" as to her being passed over. I'm one of the few people who doesn't think THE UPSIDE OF ANGER is poopoo, so I don't know what's with that. (Guaranteed if Tilda Swinton gave a same-calibre performance in the same thing, I'd be banging my fists on this keyboard 'til adhs[CXcxikdso. So maybe I just haven't acquired the love for Ms. Joan that is to be expected of me? I don't know.)

-By the way: when I said "no interesting performances in this category", I meant "special darling wonderful turns for me to latch onto and cradle as particularly special to ME, whereas SOMEONE went ahead and delivered a performance EVERYBODY knows is terrific, so I can't cotton to her the same way. Go Nameless Person! (Hint: her name rhymes with "fleece".)

-Yay for -all- the animated selections not sucking... in fact, yay for all of them being superb.

-But on the other hand, boo for the continued hegemony of the "traditional" Oscarbait Foreign Film countries. (Note: it's about the country, not the film, because they will always traditionally reserve almost all slots for different countries' variations on various accepted baity formulas, seemingly forgetting (a la the people who go hogwild for stuff like FINDING NEVERLAND in the normal competition) that they've seen this same film 1000 times before) and because 99% of the time we're never ever ever ever ever allowed to see these films anyway.) Look at what they might've gone for... Korea! Mongolia! A chance to prove that not all Chinese movies that ever see media attention are completely uninteresting! (Wait...a... second... this year's submission is yet another decent-but-unchallenging period epic from a slumming genius. Oops.) A second chance to nominate the ever-groovy Finns! (Guess they're consigned to one with the equally groovy Icelanders- but they both got it for an off-kilter movie (Finland for a -really- off-kilter movie- tonally, if not narratively, and my standards, not its director's) and this one would've meant rewarding them for submitting a conventional, apparently not-very-groovy moviel.) A rare not-totally-inert movie from Canada! A rare accessible submission from Turkey! A chance to go all arty with Romania! (Doesn't look like a particularly good movie, in fact I've heard quite the opposite, but all the same.) Instead, what do we get? France... Germany... Italy(RAR) and not one of them a film that sounds at all interesting (RAAAAR.) And a movie from South Africa (cool!) for the second time (cool!) that apparently sucks really hard (RAR.) Come ON.

-We also get... a movie from Palestine (which they've finally acknowledged is a country- yay!) that's reportedly less of a powerful political statement than MUNICH (boo!), is a lot woolier (boo!), less respectful of the other side (boo! i'm not trying to be partisan, but on this of all issues we need fairness! not showing the other side at all is not the same as humanizing them! booooo!) and, according to some (reasonable people, not just Likud-nuts) is not the sincere 'prayer for peace' that Spielberg's movie obviously is (guess I'll have to see for myself.) It'll probably win the Oscar, but I'd rather see someone who evidently gives a damn about -both- sides get it.

...And Coretta Scott King just died. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Ron Buckmire said...

LOL. I don't see how people can obsess about making predictions for months ("22 weeks") and then be pissed off there are no surprises! Besides, there are some:

1) The only acting nom from History of Violence is William Hurt?

2) Walk The Line beat out by Munich. How many Director noms is that for Spielberg now? Who has the record?

3)Howl's Moving Castle in Best Animated Feature

4) Syriana in ORIGINAL screenplay when it says explicitly Stephen Gaghan got material from the memoir See No Evil by CIA operative Robert Baer?? WTF!

Anyway, I managed 90% accuracy on MY nominations predictions over all.

John T said...

Kevin O'Connell received nomination number eighteen with Memoirs of a Geisha-is this the record for most nods without a win yet?


Wait i thought the GLOBES predicted 3?



i also thought TERRENCE was best in show the first time i saw it. but i changed my mind the second time and now love MATT the most.

and in retrospect Michael Pena was great too. though maybe I didn't respond as much because I had no idea who he was (look at me channeling oscar voter habits -ewwww)

Anonymous said...

omg, now that crowe's been snubbed, can we please stop talking about him "throwing a phone"?!? even the phrasing sounds stupid to say! all they could talk about on the today show was digging this stupid incident up again. it's even mentioned on this site. let's save today for good actors w/o personality disorders, all right?

Glenn Dunks said...

Okay - extremely disappointed about some absentees (Joan Allen, Constant Gardener, 2046) but extremely happy about others (Brokeback Mountain, Pride & Prejudice, Howl's Moving Castle)

WOW (positive)

-3 new scorers including two of my very favourites Gardener and Prejudice which I thought wouldn't even be considered

-Not one nominated film is over $70mil

-Pride & Prejudice did way better than I expected! KEIRA!!!!! She even got the loudest applause too

-I am so proud of myself for predicting Terrance Howard for SO long

-Howls Moving Castle!!! Yes!

-2/5 for Best Editing

-The Mysterious Geographic Exploration of Jasper Morello! Way to go!

-Star Wars essentially snubbed even in Visual Effects

Things that are interesting of note:
-A cameo made it into Supporting Actor
-Three song nominees!
-Not one CGI animated film nominated
-They really liked Munich way more than I expected
-Don Cheadle received a second nomination for producing Crash (I think)
-5/5 dir and pic. interesting considering there were so many contenders.
-Woody Allen is back in Oscar's good graces partially.
-Memoirs in BOTH sound categories? Strange.

Still so happy about Keira.

I have to go sleep now though, it's 5:55am and I haven't slept.

Anonymous said...

Theophilus Jamal,

Real quick, two things:

My heart sank as soon as they announced the first nominee for best acress because (a) Joan Allen would have been (and should have been) the first name on that list. was very good, and (b) it meant that at least one inferior performance was nominated in her rightful place. I doubt anyone (even a fine actress like Tilda Swinton could have nuanced and done such justice to the part Allen played as Allen herself -- she's that good. Geez, isn't it bad enough that Viggo Mortenson has gotten a middle finger standing ovation all fucking season long?

Just as AMPAS (and Hollywood in general) so often seems to chaffe at the sight of strong, unvictimized, non-sterotypical, complex gay characters in movies, so it seems with Israel (and even Jews to some extent) when it is depicted cinematically as anything but an evil, dogmatic, "Zionist-hoodlum" state. I'm therefore not surprised but still disappointed that AMPAS chose to nominate a film which symbolizes and perpetuates the tired notion that only one -- either Israel or Palestine -- has a legitimate cause and claim to the land for which they have fought for millennia.

Let's face it, the Jews and the Palestinians are not going anywhere and (God willing) deserve to share a piece of that pie and live on this earth as much as any of us, so to embrace any film that completely marginalizes or encourages the erradication of either/or is simply a sad indication of the ever-present polarization of fellow human beings (one side versus the other). Move on, get over it. Co-exist in peace.

(P.S. By the way, I have seen "Paradise Now" so I know that of which I speak.)

Enjoyed your insightful comments, T.J. Thank you for providing the forum, Nat!


Anonymous said...

"I have an unfounded dislike of Theron. I find her phony and bland that I'd much rather look at Zhang doing nothing in particular than watch Charlize trying her best."


Though I don't entirely agree, I love the expression!


Ramification said...

Can we please not reduce Matt Dillon's nomination to an issue about race. For me he was 'best in show' in that film by miles (no disrespect to Howard, Cheadle, Newton, Bullock, et al who were all wonderful) and up until yesterday was the best actor of his generation to never receive an Oscar nomination (meanwhile Tom Cruise has 3?), so he thoroughly deserves it. He did not get nominated because he is white, he got nominated because he gave a truly exceptional performance. End of story.


agreed on Matt Dillon -it was nice to see him finally recognized + as an added bonus for a career honors style nomination, he was the best in show too.

Anonymous said...

I agree, regardless of skin color, Matt Dillon was best in show, and plenty of the ensemble has gotten recognition elsewhere (Don Cheadle at the SAGs, for example.

P.S. "Crash" and "Do the Right Thing" may have some common threads, but I don't know why you would lump these two together since Spike Lee helmed the latter -- hardly one of those "sincere, workmanlike liberal white folks" who make "black movies" more palatable to audiences.


natebrian said...

I'm so tired of hearing about Maria Bello. After The Cooler I thought she was alright, but after hearing countless people talk about her acting being "forced", I watched closer and admitted I was wrong. She's not exprienced enough to really go for it yet. In History of Violence she was even worse. Maybe she'll be OK ten years from now...but she's not a natural. I was happy to see her left out.

Anonymous said...

...which is why it didn't "go down easy" :) Paul Haggis is talking about racism from a perspective that the Academy probably find more approachable and relatable than if Spike Lee decided to make another firecracker film like DO THE RIGHT THING. (Full disclosure: I, too, find Haggis' racial politics easier to identify with. I really liked CRASH.)

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