Thursday, January 26, 2006

Geek/Dork/Nerd: "showgirls" edition

In tribute to my friend MaryAnn (The Flick Filosopher) I bring you a Vegasy spin on her tasty Thursday treat "geek/dork/nerd" (as seen on Geek Philosophy -which you should be reading, especially if you're a Generation Xer). The general gist of her semantic thesis (extrapolated visually) is this: "Geek" is entirely positive, implying self-awareness about ones obsessiveness and otherness. A "Dork" has less self-awareness and more embarassment potential--like a geek who isn't quite comfortable with themselves. A "nerd" has no awareness of their weirdo behavior. Clueless.

This post allows me to multi-task, too. First I get to shout out to a deserving friend and second I get to lie to myself and pretend I didn't totally miss that big Showgirls anniversary thrusting about around the blogosphere two weeks ago. The things that movie taught me --they don't teach them in any school! I'm so pissed about missing that particular blog party that I'm tempted to throw the french fries you just bought me in the air with inexplicable rage. But I better not. I'm starving and fresh out of vegetables, brown rice, and doggie chow.


adam k. said...

So, then... Tom O'Neill is an oscar "nerd"... correct?


oh don't make me go there. rating the other oscar obsessives on this scale.


Andy Scott said...

Can I offer you some chips instead?

Hurry before Nomi eats 'em all.

Anonymous said...

I used to love doggie chow too!

adam k. said...

Yeah true, that was harsh... but I just have a thing about O'Neill.