Saturday, January 21, 2006

They'll Get You My Pretty And Your Little Dog Too!

The Best Villains of 2005
Tunnel Visioned Politicians, Spookily Calm Freelance Hunters, Mad Psychiatrists, and Devious Witches all gave memorable evil this past year at the cinemas. Half metal men who were once in cahoots with the good guys? Not so much. And Voldemort? Don't give me grief --I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of him next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. There is clearly no hope of escape from that franchise.

A History of This Wicked Category
2000 Patrick Bateman - American Psycho, Mrs Tweedy - Chicken Run, Riddick- Pitch Black, Magneto & Mystique - X-Men
2001 Harry - With a Friend Like Harry, Randyl- Monsters, Inc, The Duke - Moulin Rouge!, Nurse Connie - Series 7: The Contender, General Thade - Planet of the Apes
2002 Bill the Butcher - Gangs of New York, Yubaba - Spirited Away, The Reporter - Road to Perdition, Ingrid Magnussen- White Oleander, Green Goblin- Spider-Man
2003 "Cottonmouth" O-Ren Ishii- Kill Bill Volume 1, Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean, The Infected - 28 Days Later, Bullseye - Daredevil, Evie Zamora - thirteen
2004 George Bush - Fahrenheit 9/11, Doctor Octopus- Spider-Man 2, Regina George- Mean Girls, Bill- Kill Bill Volume 2, Vincent - Collateral


Glenn Dunks said...

Just thought I'd let you know, the roll-over images for the Scarecrow and the Witch of the Waste are images from last year (Regina George and Octavious respectively).

My top 5 villians of the year would be:

The White Witch, brilliantly portrayed by Tilda - the only bright spark in the movie.

The Witch of the Waste, wonderfully grotesque

The Axe Gang, in Kung-Fu Hustle - sorta bonkers but sorta fun at the same time.

Jackson Rippner, terrorising Rachel McAdams mid-flight. Pen-in-the-throat and all

Mick Taylor, instantly becomes a classic horror villian, chews scenery to boot.


who is Mick Taylor? I fixed the images

Kevyn Knox said...

I am guessing Kamikaze Camel means the Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek, not the Mick Taylor from the Rolling Stones.

John T said...

Where are Victor Quartermaine (Wallace and Gromit) and Barkis Bittern (Corpse Bride)

Yaseen Ali said...

What about Carl Fogarty (Ed Harris) from A History of Violence? He was pretty damn despicable.

adam k. said...

Tilda Swinton really looks like a man in this picture.

adam k. said...

I know what it is, I think this pic reminds me of one of the male elves from LOTR.


Javier Aldabalde said...

Well, the male elves from "LOTR" all looked like women so...

Glenn Dunks said...

Yes, Kevyn is indeed correct. Mick "How bout I cut yer bloody tits off" Taylor is from Wolf Creek Sooo chilling.

No dissing of Tilda plz.

adam k. said...

I was not dissing, just making an observation; I love Tilda.

But Javier has a point, the male elves did look feminine. So I'll say androgynous is how Tilda looks.