Thursday, January 26, 2006

Final Predictions

They're almost complete. Of course you know we Oscar-obsessives. Final is never quite final. They're could be final FINAL adjustments made on Sunday February 29th (the last day I am willing to change anything). Most likely to change: Costume Design and any of the acting categories. I'm probably taking too many risks. Supporting Actress still baffles me. I love being baffled.


adam k. said...

Yeah the acting categories are tough this year... baffling 5th spots in each and every one.

What are your thoughts on the SAG awards Nathaniel? They are hard this year! The safest bets seem to be Crash, Hoffman, Witherspoon, Giammati, and Weisz, but that won't happen. Where will Brokeback win? I have a sneaking feeling that Jake is a bigger force here than it seems (his ability to win from a list of nominees is still largely untested, and Brokeback is becoming a steamoller). I could even see BBM pulling an "American Beauty" and winning shockingly for both its leads and ensemble over more 'ensemble'ish work (people seem to be thinking Crash is a lock to win here, and I bet to differ, given that Brokeback is the clear awards fronrunner across the board). And Weisz vs. Williams is impossible to tell.

Anonymous said...

I do not think (sorry!) that the gorgeous Joan Allen will be nominated. Charlize Theron is going to have another nomination...
In the other hand I'm not sure about William Hurt's nomination for HoV (don't you think Bob Hoskins could be stronger?). And I hope Cronenberg and Bello will be lucky and nominated.
About tech nominations: I do not understand your prediction about the make up of "History of Violence", "The New World" deserves to win this category and It's possible that Malick's film will be nominated in other tech categories (Costume design, Cinematography...).
I think "Brokeback Mountain" will win Best Picture but for Director I'm not so sure to could see Ang Lee with a new statuette.
That'ss all for now.

Dario (from Italy)
P.S. I'm not a "Brokeback" fan. I think It's overrated. Michelle Williams is the best of the cast.



my feeling on the new world is that it will be shut out altogether. they really mangled its release and promotion horribly.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for Malick.
Nath, your website is really great for an Italian Oscar obsessive like me. Every year Academy makes me angry but I can't stay without this rage.