Saturday, January 07, 2006

Internal Reading

A short break from Awards Season. We bring you Joe Reid's "25 Most Anticipated Films of 2006". A great read... I'm suddenly excited about the new film year.

Later this weekend a lot more Film Bitch Awards for the year that just was...


Javier Aldabalde said...

Absolutely great rundown, (a big YAY for David Lynch), but on "The Fountain", I must say, even Aronofsky seems psyched about the end results so mostly everything indicates it will be something great.

adam k. said...

"For Your Consideration" seems just too good to be true, or oscarwatchers. I refuse to let myself get excited, for fear of disappointment. "The Fountain" and "Inland Empire" and "Prarie Home Companion" look unmissable also.

Anonymous said...

Yay! For Your Consideration, Inland Empire and A Prairie Home Companion are my most anticipated too!!

I do fear however that The Departed will be a major let-down.

adam k. said...

Regarding the new oscar updates, I think you're right on point with supporting actor, but in supporting actress, do you really think Scarlett should be that low? It's hard for me to imagine her missing after she wins the golden globe. But I haven't seen the film so I don't know just how underwhelming that performance is. It just seems like of like Portman in Closer in that it should rebound to an oscar nom since it will likely win the globe. Plus the snub in 2003 was big, and now Scarlett's a huge star. But perhaps she personally is not living up to the hype Woody placed on her, and that can hurt.

Anonymous said...

In the list of the most anticipated films of 2006 there are called to movies with the gorgeos, wonderful Julianne Moore - "I'm Not There" by Tod Hayness and "The Children of Men". I'm REALLY excited to watch them.... maybe there will be some oscar-chances (or just some awards in the award-season, not as the big snub THIS year, in which she got just one Golden Satelitte Award Nominateion for "Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio")...
And there is one really anticipated film more: "Freedomland" starring Morre, Samuel L. Jackson and Edie Falco.


adam k.... loving Scarlett as I do I can say that the performance is underwhelming. She was much better in LiT and GwtPE ...this performance is about on par with that one last year, whose name i've already forgotten in which she was perfectly fine but nothing special.

Joe R. said...

A Love Song for Bobby Long. If I have to remember it, so do you.

Poli said...

Hee on LSfBL.

Freedomland is on my most anticipated list. Looks awesome. Plus the acting talent is sure to elevate it to respectability if it is crappy. God Bless Julianne Moore.

Glenn Dunks said...

I did a much MUCH longer list over on my blog - people should check it out. But if you're so inclines and don't wish to, here was my top 15

1. Inland Empire
2. Marie-Antionette
3. Manderlay
4. For Your Consideration
5. Volver
6. Factory Girl
7. The Notorious Bettie Page
8. A Prairie Home Companion
9. The Prestige
10. Southland Tales
11. Dreamgirls
12. The Fountain
13. The Black Dahlia
14. Bobby
15. Cars

But, really, read my blog. There's much much much more there. Trust me. Plenty more.

Anonymous said...

camel, Manderlay sucks. It's a major letdown after Dogville.

Anonymous said...

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