Thursday, January 19, 2006


New Awards Posted:
Best Action Sequences
Thai fighters, dinosaurs, apes, Philly gangsters, boxers, and six-armed generals made for arm-rest gripping movie moments.
Contemporary Costume Design
Billionaire vigilantes. Married killers. Doomed diplomats. Old Town hookers. And Pimps with big dreams.
Adapted and Combination Scores
Song scores, classic classical pieces with new themes, etc...


adam k. said...

Nice diverse choices for action setpiece.

re: "General Grievous"...this is random, but... you know, one of the most annoying things about the new Star Wars films is the ridiculous names Lucas now gives characters. What happened to the true foreboding of iconic monikers like "Darth Vader", or even just interesting creative names like "Palpatine", "Jabba" or "Boba Fett"? Why must he resort to inanities like "general grevious" and "darth maul" that are way-too-clear indications of character traits or things the character does to people. Now, the cooler 70s names may be actual referencing to things, but they're at least subtle enough that I don't immediately think, "wow, I guess that must be his name cause he likes to Vader people, how very clever". Last I checked, Darth Vader was just a really cool sinister-sounding name that a dark lord might actually have, and not just an obvious reference to an actual non-proper noun or verb. Really, these names test my suspension of disbelief that Lucas intends for his films to be enjoyed by anyone older than 12. Just sayin'.

also: I just saw Happy Endings, so this is a little late, but FYC Best Sexpot: Maggie Gyllenhaal "Jude" from Happy Ending

adam k. said...

Also, I forgot to add how if you think "grievous" and "maul" are bad (and I do), "Count Dooku" ups-the-ante considerably. It sounds like some kind of potty joke or something. What the hell was Lucas thinking?

Glenn Dunks said...

Excellent choice with Mr & Mrs Smith for contemp. Costume. So very deserving.

Pedro said...


I read somewhere that Darth Vader actually has a doble meaning: dark father. It comes from a nordic language or something. It is the same with Luke Skywalker (last name also from nordic mythology) and Han Solo (solo meaning alone). Most of the names have second meaning, and some pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

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