Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Audience Participation. If you're reading this blog, you know the Oscar nominations are one week away.
Right now, without mulling it now, POST two names.
1. the person you would be most thrilled to see nominated
2. the person you would be most annoyed to see nominated.
Do it! Fill up those comments with names. Stop lurking. Two names. No need to say anything else.


Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhall
Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Keira Knightley

Most annoyed: Zhang Ziyi at her expense

Shawn said...

1.) Q'Orianka Kilcher
2.) George Clooney, Syriana

Keith said...

thrilled: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
annoyed: Michelle Williams

Anonymous said...

Thrill: Shirley Maclaine (or Joan Allen)
Groan: Terrence Howard for Crash

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Maria Bello
Most Annoyed: Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Scarlett Johansson
Most Annoyed: Ziyi Zhang!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Naomi Watts
2) Russell Crowe

Javier Aldabalde said...

thrilled: viggo mortensen
annoyed: charlize theron. ugh

Anonymous said...

Woody Allen (screenplay)
Paul Haggis (screenplay)

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Judd Apatow

annoyed: Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Claire Danes, Shopgirl (more likely Jeff Daniels, The Squid and the Whale)

Most Annoyed: Zhang Ziyi or Don Cheadle for Crash

Anonymous said...

thrilled: MARIA BELLO

annoyed: ZHANG ZIYI

Nick M. said...

Thrilled: Jeff Daniels
Annoyed (Damn, everyone has taken Zhang Ziyi, Theron and Crowe. I'd hate to seem unoriginal, so I'll go with): Frances McDoramnd

John T said...

Most thrilled: Ralph Fiennes (had to go with someone unlikely)

Most annoyed: Charlize Theron (please, oh please let it be someone else)

John T said...

Nathaniel, where's your choice?

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Gong Li, Amy Adams and/or Thandie Newton (Best Supporting Actress)

Most Disappointed: Catherine Keener,Rachel Weisz, Maria Bello & Frances McDormand (Best Supporting Actress)

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal
RU: Joan Allen

Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

1.Joan Allen and/or Keira Knightley
2.Ziyi Zhang & Charlize Theron

NicksFlickPicks said...

Joan Allen
James Mangold

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Gwyneth Paltrow

Annoyed: Zhang Zhi/Keira Knightley

Anonymous said...

Thrilled - Ziyi Zhang
Annoyed - Judi Dench

Poli said...

Thrilled: Joan Allen

Annoyed: Capote for Best Picture

Anonymous said...

1. Sandra Bullock, Crash
2. Bob Hoskins, Mrs. Henderson Presents (what a waste of a nomination that would be)

Billy McLellan said...

1.) Keira Knightley
2.) Ziyi Zhang

ryan said...

thrilled: Arnaud Desplechin or Michael Haneke
(does it matter if they're eligible or not? you didn't say, so I'm making my own rules)

annoyed: anything connected to Crash

Anonymous said...

thrilled - Jake G.
annoyed - Huffman

Yaseen Ali said...

Thrilled: Terrence Malick
Annoyed: Woody Allen

Cinesnatch said...
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Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Ralph Fiennes
Runner Up: Joan Allen

Most annoyed: Zhang Ziyi
Runner Up (but inevitable) : Clooney for Syriana

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Terrence Malick

Most annoyed: Anything related to Cinderella Man

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Fiennes, Bello (as lead), Lucrecia Martel (dir)
annoyed: CM, Crash, Geisha (any categories)

- cal roth

Anonymous said...

1) Keira Knightley
2) Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Kevin Costner
annoyed: russell crowe

Anonymous said...

good - Viggo Mortensen
bad - anyone involved with Crash

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Annoyed: Q'Orianka Kilcher

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Joan Allen
Annoyed: Frances McDormand (just seems like such a waste...)

Glenn Dunks said...

(Within the realm of possibility)
Thrilled: Joan Allen
Runner Ups: Keira Knightley, The ladies of Crash
Annoyed: Paul Giamatti
Runner Up: Ziyi Zhang (Memoirs)

(Out of those who aren't gonna get it no matter what)

Thrilled: Ziyi Zhang (2046)

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Terrence Howard (Joan Allen is a close runner-up)

Most annoyed: Pride & Prejudice (screenplay)

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Adams/Bello/Mortenson/Allen
annoyed: Ziyi/Theron/Hoffman

couldn't narrow it down to two... :)

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Terrence Howard
Annoyed: Keira Knightley

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Actor-Cillian Murphy / Supporting Actress-Shirley MacLaine
Annoyed: Actor-Philip Seymour Hoffman / Actress-Charlize Theron

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Terrence Malick
Annoyed: Paul Haggis

Anonymous said...

thrilled: amy adams

annoyed: russell crowe

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Kevin Costner
Annoyed: Russell Crowe

russtifer said...

I can't help it.


MOST THRILLED: Terrence Howard
MOST ANNOYED: Russell Crowe



Andy Scott said...

Most thrilled: Heath Ledger

Most annoyed: Char-please! Theron

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Jake G
Annoyed: Ziyi Zhang

Anonymous said...

zhang ziyi, 2046

zhang ziyi, geisha

Dr. S said...

Most thrilled: Owen "I'm a Philistine" Kline
Most annoyed: Rob Marshall

Anonymous said...

THRILLED: Gwyneth Paltrow
(assuming Jake is in and nothing to worry about)

ANNOYED: Charlize Theron.
(and anyone involved in Crash)

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Jeff Daniels
Annoyed: Russel Crowe

Middento said...

Thrilled: David Cronenberg/Viggo Mortensen.
Annoyed: Russell Croe/Diane Keaton.

par3182 said...

toni collette
russell crowe

adam k. said...

I can't say I'd be "thrilled" for Jake since
a) his nom is likely anyway, and
b) it's kind of a fraudulent nom

...though I am still rooting for him.

THRILLED: Joan Allen (not just cause she's great, but also because it'd display some original thinking)
ANNOYED: (well I've avoided her film, but for the trailer alone) Ziyi Zhang (not just cause she looks bad, but cause it would display sheeplike group-think)

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Joan Allen
Most annoyed: Ziyi Zhang for Geisha (I'd be beyond thrilled if by some miracle she could score for 2046 though)

Anonymous said...

1)Joan Allen
2)Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Haneke

Most Annoyed: Howard

Anonymous said...

Gwyneth Palthrow

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled and WON'T happen: Jake Gyllenhaal as lead

Most thrilled and COULD happen:
Joan Allen (The Upside of Anger)

Most annoyed: Ziyi Zhang (Geisha)


Anonymous said...

...and forget thrilled or annoyed... I'll throw the television out of window if there's no Dench (Mrs Henderson).


Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Annoyed: Paul Haggis

Anonymous said...

1. Most thrilled : Naomi Watts - King Kong
2. Most annoyed : Russell Crowe - Cinderella Ma

Anonymous said...

1. Ralph Fiennes (& Rachel Weisz)
2. Paul Haggis (dir.)

Anonymous said...

1 Ralph Fiennes
2 Thandie Newton


Anonymous said...

1. Amy Adams
2. Paul Haggis

qta said...

1. George Clooney, best director
2. John Williams, best score

Anonymous said...

In: Howl's Moving Castle
Out: Madagascar, Chicken Little, or frikking Robots

Anonymous said...

1. Eternal Sunshine (all categories, please...)
2. Sideways OR Ray

Anonymous said...

most thrilled: jake gyllenhall

most annoyed: russel crowe (stealing ralph's nom)


i love you all for obeying me.


thrilled: (tie) David Cronenberg & Joan Allen
annoyed: Russell Crowe & Ziyi Zhang

and my annoyed seem to be the most common choices in here. so y'all have good taste. thanks for playing. May (some) of your wishes come true on January 31st at 5:30 AM PST

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Eric Bana
Annoyed: Anne Hathaway

...and Ziyi Zhang or Wong Kar-Wai for 2046 would be amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Michael Haneke or David Cronenberg

Annoyed: Judy Dench (ducks thrown rocks)

Ash said...

Most Thrilled: Gregg Arraki for Best Adapted Screenplay for Mysterious Skin
Most Annoyed: Don Cheadle in Crash

Anonymous said...

Jakie G.
Russie C.

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Ralph Fiennes and Joan Allen

Most annoyed: Charlize Theron

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Glenn Close (heights)
annoyed: Narnia for FX

Anonymous said...

thrilled: Joan Allen

annoyed: Paul Haggis
(runner up: Capote for Best Picture)

OhMyTrill said...

thrilled: Naomi Watts

annoyed: anything Munich

Anonymous said...

Beyond thrilled: Alexandre Desplat - Score for "Birth" (oh wait, that was last year -- pity!)

Most thrilled (tie): Joan Allen or Viggo Mortensen
Runner Up (tie): Screenplay for "Junebug" or DDG's own Amy Adams
Most annoyed: Russell Crowe
Runner Up: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that nobody from "Cinderella Man" gets anything -- patooey!

- Marco

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled; Keira Knightley and Amy Adams

Least Thrilled: After seeing Syriana, George Clooney and Charlise Theron / Cathnerine Keener ( tie )

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Joan Allen

Annoyed: Ziyi Zhange

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Q'orianka Kilcher

Most annoyed: Crash for anything

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Russell Crowe
Most Annoyed: Charlize Theron

Anonymous said...

A History of Violence; any category
RU: Keira Knightley

George Clooney, Syriana
RU: Russell Crowe

jennybee said...

1. Amy Adams, Junebug for screenplay, and History of Violence (likewise, any category)
2. Renee Zellwegger

Anonymous said...

most thrilled: Gwyneth Paltrow, Proof

most annoyed: Joan Allen, The Upside of Anger

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled: Thandie Newton, Crash
Most annoyed: Russell Crowe, Cinderella Man

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Terrence Howard
Annoyed: Michelle Williams

Calum Reed said...

Thrilled: Joan Allen
Annoyed: Russell Crowe

Anonymous said...

Most Thrilled: Ludacris - Best Supporting Actor - "Crash"

Most Annoyed: George Clooney, Best Director, "Good Night and Good Luck"

Gilidor said...

THRILLED: Cronenberg

ANNOYED: Keira Knightley

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Jake Gyllenhaal. Annoyed: Charlize Theron!

f. said...

thrilled to see fernando meirelles
annoyed to see russel crowe

Anonymous said...

Thrilled: Ralph Fiennes
Annoyed: Felicity Huffman

Anonymous said...

Thrilled - Ziyi Zhang ( Geisha or 2046) .Yes , I love her ...Sorry !

Annoyed - Anything involved with Crash and Cinderella Man .

Brian Darr said...

David Cronenberg

whoever it is who would be named if CHICKEN LITTLE got nomianted for best animated film.

Glenn Dunks said...

I must say that I would indeed die of, er, thrillness if Wong Kar-Wai got nominated or Mysterious Skin got ANYTHING. I know it is nigh on impossible for the latter, but 'tev.

Anonymous said...

1) Q'Orianka Kilcher - she was mesmerizing
2) Freaking Paul Haggis. Why has Crash turned into such a big deal? Sure, it's moving, but it's far from Academy Award-worthy craftsmanship. This position is tied with anything involving Cinderella Man.

Grace said...

1. Most thrilled: Ralph Fiennes (who has been overdue for years)
Runner Up: Viggo Mortensen

2. Most annoyed: Crash (in any category, but especially in BP, director, and screenplay)
Runner Up: Ziyi Zhang

Anonymous said...

Most thrilled...

Amy Adams - Junebug
Naomi Watts - King Kong
Jake Gyllenhaal - Brokeback Mountain

Least Thrilled...

Charlize Theron - North Country
Johnny Depp - ANYTHING

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

Thrilled: Gwyneth Paltrow, Proof
Annoyed: Charlize Theron, North Country

Anonymous said...

1.Fiennes (pleaaaase)


jeff_v said...

thrilled: Apichatpong Weerasethakul

annoyed: Paul Haggis

You didn't say it had to be reasonable.

CNO said...

thrilled:Christopher Doyle (cinematography) finally nommed. for 2046 or wihte countess.
Brokeback take over 10 noms.

annoyed: charlize theron & george clooney in acting category.

Anonymous said...

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