Monday, January 16, 2006

Golden Globes TONIGHT

Can you feel the energy in the air? Red carpet antics ahead. The Golden Globes are upon us.

Tonight: Oscar hopes boosted or disintegrating. Stars getting drunk worrying about the same. TV stars gawking at their superior movie counterparts. Felicity Huffman praying for a double win to suggest she's both. Weird table sharing for films that didn't get wide support in the nominations. Snarky comments on air (remember Meryl Streep's hilariously faux-icy "Congratulations, NATALIE" after her loss? Funny) Stars aping Renée Zellwegers 'stuck in the bathroom moment' from 2000 as if that joke never gets old (it's the Globe equivalent of the Oscar's infernal Sally Field mocking "you like me. you really like me" Poor Sally.) Ancient legends dragged on stage for our amusement --my favorite Globe moment ever? That'd be Liz Taylor's wobbly utter cluelessness presenting Best Picture to Gladiator with a crisis management assist from Dick Clark. Arms suddenly flailing to the sides with over-enthusiastic gleeful squeal "Glaaaaadeeator!"

my predictions again -so tempted to change them but whatevs. I'll let it be. I just wanna have fun tonight. Gabriel and Nick join me for the annual craziness. Or as Nick calls it "our SECOND favorite holiday of the year" the first being you-know-what...

Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I came across this interesting New York Times article on the web today regarding the animated Oscar race:

I'm hoping the "consensus" in question was from an actual polling of the animation voting memberse. If so, I will be so happy if the three nominees really do turn out to be Corpse Bride, Howl's Moving Castle, and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

- Adam

adam k. said...

The Renee, Meryl, and Liz Taylor moments of which you spoke were truly hilarious. I felt so bad for Liz, though, she was clearly in a fragile state.

I think the globes are really more fun than the oscars. They're often less predictable, and the drinking adds so much flavor to the proceedings. I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to find a clip of Elizabeth Taylor at the Globes? I mean it was tragic, but tragically hilarious and I would like to see it again.

Joe R. said...

God, that Liz Taylor moment. My favorite drunk/addled celebrity awards show appearance ever. Nobody remembers that Tom Cruise almost did the same thing as Liz that night (opened the envelope and nearly read Kate Hudson's name before remembering to read the nominees), but Liz made sure nobody remembered that faux pas. What a trooper.

Predictions? Brokeback, Walk the Line, Ang Lee, PSHoffman, Maria Bello (!!), Reese, Joaquin (tempted to pick someone else, but who?), ScarJo, Clooney, GN&GL script, Tsotsi, Alanis, and the Brokeback score.

adam k. said...

Hm, I forgot Alanis was the one who wrote that Wunderkind song. She's pretty famous - she may indeed trump both Mel and Dolly.

But come on, Heath is winning tonight. It's the globes, he will get it. He may not win the SAG or the oscar, but if he doesn't win tonight, I'll eat my hat.

Or I would. If I had a hat.

John T said...

All right, my predictions read:
Drama Picture-Brokeback Mountain
Comedy Picture-Walk the Line
Actor Drama-Heath Ledger (I always predict one I REALLY want)
Actress Drama-Felicity Huffman
Actor Comedy-Joaquin Phoenix
Actress Comedy-Reese Witherspoon
S. Actor-Matt Dillon
S. Actress-Scarlett Johansson
Director-Ang Lee
Screenplay-Good Night and Good Luck
Score-Brokeback Mountain

adam k. said...

Whoa... first major red carpet faux pas I've seen tonight... that E! guy just asked Hilary Swank something beginning with "so now that you're single..." and she answered with "I'm not single! I'm trying to work my marriage out." I'm so sorry for her. How awkward.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

All I know today is that two of the best young, working actresses will get their first Globes:
Reese Witherspoon and the lovely Scarlett Johansson. I can't wait to see this show.

adam k. said...

Oh, wow. That's awful.

Maybe he's mad at her for those potshots about critics she made last time?

Javier Aldabalde said...

Rachel Weisz has won the Globe! I am like, ecstatic.

adam k. said...

And Hoffman has won the other globe. Sigh.

I REALLY thought the globes would go for Ledger. Oh well.

Still, Brokeback is about to clinch the trifecta of picture/director/screenplay. It has the oscar in the bag now. Nice.

Joe R. said...

I intended to do a wrap-up on my own blog, and I still might. But I'm tired, so I should just say that I was happy for almost every award tonight. Super happy for Weisz, and was kind of surprised by how extreme her makeup looked on stage, because on the red carpet I thought she looked fab. Scarlet 0-4 since 2003, she's gonna be majorly due for a Globe at some point.

Some of the star table pairings I liked:
-- Shirley MacLaine sitting with the Witherspoon/Phillippes
-- Busy Philipps with the Williams/Ledgers
-- Emma Thompson hunkering down w/ Ang Lee

Good night. And goodnight.

adam k. said...

Well, I'd say next time ScarJo is award-worthy, the globe is as good as hers.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Sigh. All of the races seem to have clear frontrunners now. Or in the supporting categories, two obvious leaders (Giamatti/Clooney, Williams/Weisz). It's 2004 all over again, and I don't like it.

adam k. said...

I would just like to have it noted for the record that Tom O'Neill, who arrogantly prides himself on being a "real" awards journalist and pundit, got 6 of the 13 film categories wrong (including director, screenplay, best comedy/musical, and foreign film i.e. most of the top awards), and I think 6 of the 11 TV categories wrong. He got half the categories wrong. He's so arrogant and has no reason to be. He is no better at this than amateurs (I did better than him in the film categories, for god's sake, I only missed 4). Not that I really care, but... he is just obnoxious, and worthless as an awards-guru or whatever he makes himself out to be. There, I'm done now. And after I check back once more to see how he rationalizes his losing the prediction game, I am done with also.

Deep breath. I'm really not a bitter or petty person. I just resent Tom O'Neill a lot.

Yaseen Ali said...

What the hell was up with Dennis Quaid's "rhymes with chick flick" comment?

Joe R. said...

I dunno, but my girl Michelle looked ready to tear him a new one.

Anonymous said...

I thought Quaid's joke was one of the better BBM jokes I have seen. Not only was it completely shocking (I had to rewind my Tivo to make sure he said what I thought he said), but also,it wasn't one of those lame "hee hee they are gay cowboys and we shouldn't laugh because it's un-pc but the situation is rife for comedy so we are going to make a stupid joke anyways" jokes that we usually see. Heath Ledger seemed to find it somewhat humorous.

adam k. said...

Yeah what was that about? How exactly does "gay cowboy movie" rhyme with "chick flick"? Seriously, can someone explain it to me? What connection was he trying to make?

I do remember finding it vaguely funny in its absurdity, but I didn't really get it, to be honest.

adam k. said...

Unless, by "chick flick" he just meant, "movie that no straight males whatsoever are going to see". I guess that would make sense.

Lyn said...

"dick flick", people.
Not agreeing, just reporting.

Anonymous said...



adam k. said...


Yeah, I am stupid.

John T said...

Ick, yuck, and other things-I was groining throughout the entire PSH speech. My comments on the ceremony are at my blog, but I have to ask:

How did NBC pull together that Scrubs commercial so quickly?

Anonymous said...

I usually don't comment on fashion, but Pamela Pamela Pamela, if you cover up your boobs, then I am going to have to look at your face and nobody wants that.

Glenn Dunks said...

I have a pretty big rundown on my blog as well featuring comments on my war against Paul Giamatti and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, celebrities who can't say other (much better) celebrities' names (Pierce Bronsan? Laura Linley?) and Sandra Oh!

The "dick flick" moment (picked that up straight away) was awful, i thought.

Did anyone else realise that Renee Zellweger wasn't squinting as much as she usually does?! Like... what happened there.

Why was Mariah there?

I really think the HFPA like actors playing dead people more than AMPAS.

Loved seeing Rachel Weisz win, "A Love That..." too. And SANDRA OH (my love)

Can Jamie Foxx die now plz. Alongside Paul Giamatti and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

How come Clint Eastwood had trouble saying "Brokeback Mountain"?

adam k. said...

Cause he'd been drinking?