Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Billy Elliott Grows Up

This post is for Glenn... we know you're celebrating somewhere out there.

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Glenn Dunks said...


Despite that picture not exactly being the greatest, he's still dreamy.

The fact that we're a mere 5 months apart is comforting. THERE'S STILL A CHANCE.

(thank you)

Ramification said...

I am 30, so finding Jamie Bell attractive feels wrong somehow!

Anonymous said...

it can't be wrong when it feels so right

Glenn Dunks said...

Everyone is allowed to have a thing for my boy Jamie, as long as I am the one who gets to pash him for hours on end.

(rami, I'm 20 also - you don't find ME attractive? Shock)

Ramification said...

haha Glenn, I never said I find Jamie (or you) unattractive, just that at 30 I feel like its a bit pervy, you know? That said, you are a handsome man.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel old.