Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Daniel and Daniel Jr. and Crazy People

[Please Note:this post is meant to have eye-candy photos of Daniel Craig in it. But, you know, every other hour Blogger has problems these days. Sigh. so no photos for you!]

I got a strange e-mail yesterday thanking me for my 'comment about Daniel Craig'. I thought "which one?" and then the e-mailer proceeded to say that they were thrilled every time they read a mean comment about the future James Bond.

It is clear that this person writing to me has either:
a) confused me with someone else
b) confused me with someone else
c) confused me with someone else
d) all of the above

For, you see, I love the Daniel Craig. I love the Daniel Craig Jr [nsfw]. I love his willingness to be naked in the new film and his smokin' hotness in his other films. I've given him awards. This is the most excited I've ever been for Bond. These people are crazy. That's my last words on this movie and this actor until the damn thing opens (hopefully).

[p.s. Daniel Craig will show up eventually on the Actors of the Aughts list. Voting on the first 1/4th of the list ends tomorrow. Have you voted?]


Ramification said...

Have you seen this horrible website : , talk about judging a book by its cover!


it's the "these people are crazy" link.

Ramification said...

oh oops, lol, I really shouldn't be commenting when I'm this hung over ... :)