Sunday, May 14, 2006

Topher. Paddy. Andy. Brian. Adrien.

The Top 100 Actor Countdown Continues... with numbers #40 through #36

Read and then talk amongst yourselves. Would you like to win a date with Topher? Be kissed by Adrien at the Oscars? Be threatened vigorously by Brian?

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Glenn Dunks said...

Topher was even the best thing about that female-central movie Mona Lisa Smile (which was horrible)

No mention of The Ring for Brian Cox? lol, i wonder why?

I loved Adrian's moment on the stage. The only thing that annoys me is that at every award show he does a little routine about it. I really liked Summer of Sam.

What you say about Paddy is exactly what I saw when I see Aussie actors move to Hollywood and get stuck in small nothing roles that they're better than until they get famous.

Anonymous said...

Paddy Consadine was definitely great in My Summer of Love. I was sad to see him nocked down a notch on your own supporting short list.

Anonymous said...

Love these 5 choices, especially Topher (he single-handedly gave
"Win A Date" more depth than it deserved, and I LOVE "In Good Company"!)

I have a very slight reservation about Andy Serkis though, because I thought he kinda stank in "13 Going on 30". I agree that his contribution to the Jackson oeuvre is weighty though, so 'my bad'.

Glenn - I think I'm the only person in the world who actually enjoyed "Mona Lisa Smile"! I genuinely didn't think it was as bad as everyone suggested... Hope you and the film community can forgive me!


Glenn Dunks said...

Rob, my three best friends (females) all LOVE that movie. God, it was awful.

Amen to Topher and Tad Hamilton though. He made me raise the grade from a C- to a C+

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't say I LOVE Mona Lisa Smile, so we'll go ahead and respectfully call those chicks slightly crazy, but I didn't think it was the disaster I was told to expect.

I'm a sucker for middle-brow syrup though. I stand up for Chocolat, and I ADORE Cider House!



rob is off his meds again ( jk ;) )

oh and David, i'm sad about that too. theres always a couple of things in any given awards year where I look back and say --how why'd i do that? i'm getting better at it though... the first couple of years i hate looking at.

Emma said...

OMG, Topher Grace is like, such a babe. I wouldn't say no.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Considine's performance in Dead Man's Shoes hasn't been mentioned. It's the performance that had everyone calling him the "British Robert Deniro", and having seen it, that's an apt description. It's probably his key performance this decade so far.

Brody is losing me. I can just tell that he's going to have an underwhelming Richard Dreyfuss still career after his Best Actor win. I thought him and his big nose were miscast in King Kong.


well Dead Man's Shoes just opened here two days ago... so I haven't seen it yet.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't know why Brody suddenly thought he was leading man material for a big blockbuster. Cause, he's most definitely not.

RC said...

interesting choice of topher grace...

i love that you included paddy though...he was so awesome in "In America"

--RC of