Monday, January 09, 2006

How Well Do You Know Woody?

Fun Woody Allen Quiz
I didn't do as well I'd expected but maybe some of you can top me. My results?
"You scored 9 out of a possible 13. Play it again, Sam. Room for improvement. To quote Mr Allen, "My brain is my second favourite organ" (Sleeper). Maybe you should concentrate a little more on number two."


Nick M. said...

Ha, I got 10! I mainly got the "gossip" ones wrong.



Javier Aldabalde said...

I think he means the list with the 13 potential BP nominees. He's right, there are only 12 films mentioned ;)

Kevyn Knox said...

I only got 8 right !? I thought I knew more about Woody - ah well, I suppose if had seen Match Point (which for some inexplicable reason I have not yet), I would have gotten 9. Oh well.

Glenn Dunks said...

lol, I got 9 as well and I am not even half as versed on Woody as others around here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got 9 also, and I expected more from me.

Speaking of Woody, I just watched Radio Days for the first time today - and though it was about as substantial as most of his 1990s output (and I can imagine it would have disappointed a few people, coming as it did straight after Zelig, The Purple Rose of Cairo and Hannah and Her Sisters), I thought it was very adorable in that old-fashioned soft-focus nostalgia-driven way. I'm surprised I hadn't caught it earlier.

Also, I've converted my boy into a hardcore Woody Allen fan, I'm so proud of me. :)