Monday, January 30, 2006

A Little Prayer

Dear God,
I know some people would see this as a blasphemy. But you are the omnipotent ruler of the universe and as such you're undoubtedly aware that the Academy Awards are monumentally important to my very existence. So please bless Joan Allen, Maria Bello, the Davids Cronenberg & Strathairn, Heath Ledger, Amy Adams (hey she's totally into you in her movie), Donald Sutherland, Terrence Howard, Rodrigo Prieto, and other people I love to be nominated for Oscars tomorrow morning.

Thy will be done ... [ahem] but if it doesn't line up with mine, please arrange for makeup nominations and statues for this time next year. Amen.



Anonymous said...

And what about Jake Gyllenhaal? Don't forget to mention him, too.

- Robbie K.

Anonymous said...

You are SO on the expressway to hell.

Poli said...

Ah, you won't go to hell for that. I've seen people pray for much, much worse things (like a Russell Crowe nomination)


Wait. you've actually SEEN people pray for a Crowe nomination? Did you have them excommunicated from the church of cinema? Because that ain't right.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Crowe to be nominated? When he can always be nominated some other year? Johnny Depp last year I could understand, because his fans really are enthusiastic, plus there'd been his losing the previous year, but Crowe's already won, and nobody even saw Cinderella Man!

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, a number of people saw it -- it grossed north of $60 million -- but who in their right mind thought that his performance in THIS film warranted a nod after his tripple-dip a few years back.

I myself pray for Joan Allen (hallowed be her name, her will be done).


Poli said...

God Bless Joan Allen particularly.

As for the Russell Crowe wish, this person basis a good performance off of how hot she thinks the actor is. Token comment:

"Wow, Johnny Depp is a good actor even though he isn't that cute."

She's not allowed in my Church of Film. Such heresy!

adam k. said...

"Wow, Johnny Depp is a good actor even though he isn't that cute."

Wow, there's so much wrong with that statement I don't even know where to begin.

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, if she had thought he was a good actor because he was cute I'd think "at least she's got some taste in that department" but my god. REALLY?

I pray for nominations for Joan Allen, 2046, Pride & Prejudice and to make sure that the academy doesn't go weird on us and not fall as hopelessly in love with BBM as it should.

Anonymous said...

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