Sunday, January 29, 2006

SAG Live Blogging. The Show Part 2

Male Actors in Comedy. Zzzzzz. I can't laugh at James Spader because he creeps me out. Serious heebie jeebies. It's been true my whole life. But Sean Hayes wins and makes lots of Brokeback jokes that are about himself as an actor. If he were out of the closet that speech woulda been funny. But it's not really funny because he's still in the closet --even though everyone knows. NEXT!
Ensemble Comedy It's the Housewives. There's lots of purple happening there. The color of the night obviously. It's not just on them. Hey, they're letting the gayboy speak. Well, the character he plays is gay. He's very nervous.
Some speech. I was not paying attention. But here is Dakota Fanning. My friends thinks she is computer generated. Her films have already made like a billion dollars or something... Oh, I get it. She's introducing Shirley Temple Black. Has there ever been a child star as big since? Seriously. Dakota Fanning is not the #1 star in the land. Neither was Macauley Culkin. Etc...
If this tribute were to me I would want it to go on forever. But since it's not about me, I'd like for it to end. Seriously. Why do they let these tributes go on this long. The only time I ever enjoy them is if I am a diehard fan of the person in question. It seems like it would be smarter to keep these things shorter no matter who it was.
I glance away from the screen for one second and Jamie Lee Curtis appears and almost falls apparently. I love Jamie Lee Curtis. Love that she doesn't dye her gray hair. So robbed of an Oscar nomination that time (take your pick which year, 1988, 1994, or 2003).
I just noticed how close to the stage that they've seated the Brokeback Mountain people. They better win something. If they don't grrrrrrrr.
Shirley Temple Black is still talking...
Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener. I love her. Look how pretty she is in brown. It wouldn't been nice if PSH didn't wear his hair all David Spade like. Didn't I predict that the Capote table would be having fun. They seem happy.
Ziyi Zhang introduces the Supporting Actors. I still don't understand why Cheadle was nominated. Oh. Giamatti wins as I predicted. Clooney and Dillon both looked disappointed, but professional about it. Jake seemed very happy/embarrassed by his clip.
In memoriam always so sad. The voices behind both Tony the Tiger AND The Jolly Green Giant. Oh I love Frank favorite Batman villain if you don't include Catwoman. And Shelley Winters. Oh, I really should've written about her on the site.

okay on to the last post.


Nick M. said...

Dakota Fanning frightens me. She's way too precocious.

Pedro said...

Poor Jamie Lee; is she drunk or something?

Anonymous said...

I second your Brokeback comment. I wonder if Jake could win????

-I'm loving your commentary. LOL funny and so witty!!!

Nick M. said...

Shirley accepts her award and....brags about everything in her career that was already said. And then she gets CUT OFF.


I am so elated that they included the "Shirley Temple" soft drink as part of her career achievements.


why doesn't she work with her husband? That would be so awesome. she's so good at comedy. and his films are so brilliant.

Pedro said...

I actually enjoyed Shirley Temple's tribute. I didn't know she was an amabassador for the US. Very prolific and diverse career.

Anonymous said...

who's shirley temple's husband? thought she was a widow....

John T said...

Could you do a belated Shelley Winters post Nathaniel?

Also, I hadn't realized that Ruth Hussey died-I loved her so in The Philadelphia Story. :(

NicksFlickPicks said...

@Anon: I think he means Jamie Lee Curtis working with her husband, Christopher Guest.

Glenn Dunks said...

Can someone PLEASE tell me the irony was not lost on them that they got Dakota Fanning to present Shirley Temple - a woman whose film career died after about 14 - the life achievement award?

I hope it wasn't only me who hopes the devil spawn will soon be disappearing from our screens everywhere.

ew. Paul Giamatti is a gross disgusting dog. I HATE YOU! Why can't he look a) at the camera and b) at the crowd??? Idiot.

Jamie Lee + Christopher Guest would = OMG!