Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hump Day Hottie: Tim Gunn

I've just realized that in 18+ editions of Hump Day Hotties, though we've featured a wide array of couples, groups, women, men, readers choice, and even a cartoon character --No "silver fox" has ever had the starring role. I'm all about equal opportunities to raise temperatures, so this week I have to bat my eyelashes in the direction of the hottest of Project Runway's uniquely sexy collection of crazy divas, Parson School of Design guru Tim Gunn.

Despite the porn-star moniker, he's too classy for banal carnality. He'd be more like the older lover that becomes a friend and mentor that forever defines you. Tim is delightfully no-nonsense, always aesthetically correct, and so cool he's hot. Even if you have no interest in fashion, the Gunn magic is potent enough that you might find yourself picking up a Parsons brochure with foolish dreams of leaving it all behind you for a life of pattern-making, fabric selection, and overlock machines.

Tim: May we never fight in Red Lobster in front of our friends. We'll "make it work."

[Some of these photos are borrowed from Four Four home of the most endearing Project Runway recaps in bloggerville. Which is really saying something. Project Runway's second to last episode for the season is on Bravo tonight.]

My 12 favorite past HDHs... Capote Boys Dan, Bennett & Clifton, "Starbuck" --why aren't you watching Battlestar Galactica again?, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sean Penn (by way of sneaky Nick),Madonna (we're so hung up on her), Cillian Murphy, Rachel McAdams, "Lady Tottington" (everyone's interested in her produce), Daniel Craig (the name on everybody's lips this week), Viggo & Maria , Emmanuelle Béart, and Takeshi Kaneshiro


NicksFlickPicks said...

Fantastic choice. ♥. And may I say, I'm so happy that Tim Gunn is your first "silver fox" instead of that irritating Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

On my list of things to scope out at the Oscars:

#1 Jake's date.

#2 The camera closeup of previous HDH winner Dan Futterman when his nomination is announced. He was too beautiful as the metrosexual on "Sex and the City".

Yes I'm totally shallow, and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Tim Gunn is god. That's all you need to know.